Bob Lob-law

Meh, so what have I been up to, not much but I’ll expand on it cause I have nothing better to do. Nothing’s on TV, can’t think of a movie i’d want to rent (or dl), none of my movies are appetizing at the moment, none of my local friends are available, I’ve browsed the net long enough to be bored of it for a few hours. Blah, doing nothing sucks.

So I’ve been doing short rides almost nightly. I do them at night mostly because of the decreased traffic and I think I’m more visible with my blinking lights and reflectors.. Plus I’m a lilttle self-conscience about my weight and how I look while I’m riding. I know it’s a bit silly but it’s there. The thing that really get me is the jerks who think it’s funny to cross lanes, honk their horns, flash their brights, try to get as close as they can to me without hitting me. Do they think it’s funny? I bet they wouldn’t be laughing if the person they did that to fell over and they ran over them. Unfortunately they’re probably the types who do hit-and-runs.

Been getting bored enough that I’ve done all my chores and am inventing new ones to do, like dusting the ceiling.

My weekend? Friday, did nothing. Saturday morning though I went for the ride I was planning last weekend before my friends called me. So I rode from my house to the zoo to downtown. I think the hardest part was going from my house to the Sunset Transit Center oddly enough. Going on the path that parallels the Sunset Hwy isn’t too bad, a little noisy but fairly pleasant.

I never realized exactly how close the zoo is to the highway. Understand that I haven’t been there in over a decade (OMSI was still next door) but I’d never driven there either. Going down the road from the Zoo was rather nice. It goes through the forrest. All the traffic I saw was going up the hill and I passed a couple street lugers (sp?) going down. The road goes to the Rose Gardens so I stopped there and looked around for a while before continuing downtown.

I knew the Rose Parade was happening that morning too so I stopped by and watched that for a bit. What I didn’t know was that there’s a carnival on the Waterfront too. Getting through that was almost painful. I did get some interesting pics with my phone though.

After riding around the river on both sides I decided to go back home. I didn’t think I was up for climbing back over the hill (another trip) so I took the MAX. Unfortunately I timed my departure with the end of the parade (accidentially) so the MAX was packed japanese style. To compound things it turns out my tires are too fat to fit in the bike mounts they have on the MAX, so I had to take up extra space with that and poke people with the various extremities of my bike. I did have a nice chat with this guy that was impressed with my bike though.

Rest of Saturday, invented more chores and vegged. Sunday, got tired of being bored so I went to REI to return something and check out their used gear sale. Didn’t buy anything. Then I bought some new sandals from Target and resisted buying a DS Lite but I’m definitely thinking about getting a digital PAS camera, probably pick one up in the next week or two. Then I drove downtown on a whim (of sorts). I checked out a sports store to try on some more rock shoes the sat around Pioneer Park for awhile people watching.

Now I’m back home doing nothing again, maybe I’ll just go to bed.

Next couple weekends should be interesting though. I’m going to Corvallis next weekend to hang out with friends (one of which is having a grad party in style). The weekend after that through the weekend after THAT one (one whole week) I’ll be house boating. It’s turned into our kinda family reunion, should be fun no matter though. Unfortunately I do have to miss out on another party with some people/friends I haven’t seen in some time, but I should be able to catch them on the flip-side.

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