In the woods

It’s been so long since my last entry, I’m not even sure where to start.  The logical place would be where I left my last one but that’s not very interesting.  I could start at the end and do things backwards. lla uoy no tluciffid fo dnik s’taht tub ,  Not to mention it’d make this take me much longer with all the extra thought involved.

I went to Corvallis a few weeks ago to visit people but it seemed like most everyone was too busy to visit with me, meh

I was invited to go to Smith Rock a few weeks ago but decided to hang around in Portland.  Unfortunately the main reason I opted out of the climbing trip ended up getting nixed so for that reason I kinda wish I had gone instead.  On the other hand I got to hang out with JC and Josie a couple evenings which was entertaining. 

I also ended up with a bout of insomnia Sunday morning so decided to be more productive with that time and waited in line at Best Buy for a Wii.  After waiting 5 hours I decided to donate my Wii to the whiny snot-nosed brat that everyone hates who was at the end of the line.  Wait, that didn’t happen, I kicked him and stole his Wii.  Or did I just buy one and some games and go home peacefully, guess you’ll never know.

Thanksgiving was fun.  My uncle, his daughter, and her son all came up from southern California with her dogs for the feast.  Both my sisters brought their boys too so it was quite the full house, I had to do much cleaning not to mention that my bedroom is also the guest room.  Unfortunately I ended up with a migraine; the type that make your eyes hurt and you feel like throwing up when you aren’t.  And then I must have had bad donuts or something but I just felt ill the rest of the weekend.  Other than that things were good though.  Good company, good food, what else could I ask for.

After the sisters left we all trekked our way to the parents cabin in Washington where I got to play in the snow.  Yes, I said snow.  We had at least 6 inches of fresh stuff and probably a few more in a base layer.  Got to play with the dogs, ride dad’s new quad with my sub-cous (sp?), and generally have fun.  Then I got to drive home in the fun which was surprisingly easy for a Thanksgiving Sunday.  There was light traffic and everything just flowed.  Spent the rest of Sunday lounging.

There was the final boulder joust in the series last night.  Not as many people showed up (I think many were afraid of the possibility of icy roads) but fun was still had.  I did pretty well, even though my side hurt (it still does) but I got bonus points, ROCK ON!

On to the future.  This weekend is the birthday of the spawn of my friends (or are they fiends?).  Not only is it his birthday, but it’s his first birthday.  Since I won’t be able to make it to the party I’ll give a little shout-out.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ANDY GONZALES!  May you have many more years ahead.

Also my sisters will be celebrating their birthdays this weekend at my residence which I will also unfortunately be unable to attend.  Originally they had it planned for the following weekend which I was cool with since I’d be around, but then they had to move it.  I don’t know how I feel about them having a party in my house with a bunch of their friends who I may or may not know while I’m not around.  I already said they could use the house though and it’d be rude of me to take that back because I can’t attend the new date.

Moving on, the reason, which you may or not know, I have to miss the birthday celebrations is that I’ll be in Southern California this weekend.  But wait, I’m not just going to Southern Cali but I’m going to Disney Land. I feel like I just won the Super Bowl or something, maybe I’ll do that next, or while I’m down there.  They let anyone do that, right?  Anyway, leaving Thursday, coming back Tuesday, should be a blast, the main downsides being I’m sleeping on a cot and we’re cramming 5 people into the Explorer (that includes the driver but it’ll still be cozy).  I’ll bring back souvenirs for those who want some and picture to gloat with for the rest of you.

Now for the random stuff.  Most you should know I prefer cold weather, well I also turn the heat off when I’m the only person in the house, saves money, energy, and doesn’t really take that much for me to get comfortably warm.  I like walking around the house in fleece, the downside is that those toilet seats are cold.  Anyway, it’s currently 48 degrees in here as I type this and I’m being mindlessly entertained by the fact that I can see my breath.  My finger tips are starting to get a little cold so I’ll try to wrap this up.

I’ve been keeping a list of the various things I think of while I’m away from the computer.  Now I realize that this may be dangerous but I’m running out of space on this blog (I know I’m already approaching the edge of your attention span) and with the ever increasing probability of me losing the list I’m going to post it here.  Feel free to ask me what each item is if you’re curious enough but most of it probably isn’t as interesting as I make it sound.

LIST: Earth cable, Infinite pages, Infinite screens, Moon picnic redo, Personal weather system, Mint jelly, Spider robot v1.06, Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, Freddies Christmas, Love stuff, New Years shuttle, Karen’s site, I’m a nut.

That’s all shorthand of more complex thoughts meant to trigger memories but you probably guessed that, didn’t you?  I thought so, I don’t hang out with dummies.

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