In the City

For shame if you don’t know the reference.

Anyway, I know it’s been a while since my last (about two weeks) and I’d fill you in but I’m tired so I’ll give you the abbreviated version and fill it out later.

I went to Disneyland with some friends, the trip was awesome, I think everyone had fun, I’ll put up some pictures later.

Was going to go snowboarding last weekend but didn’t happen, hopefully soon though. Had a game night Friday though which was fun.

Got a new game for the Wii, Rayman: Raving Rabids. It’s a crazy awesome game. The bad is that I think my video processor may have overheated/randomly dying cause I have there weird glitches. Yay warranty, boo waiting for the replacement.

The amount of actual thought that goes into my blog is tremendous (no sarcasm involved). While I’m idling at work I think about what I might want to say and what I probably won’t, but then I think about how I will word it so when I actually get down to typing these things it goes pretty quick. I know, I’m sick.

Talking about being sick, it’s one thing to be aware of your faults (I have many) and when you’re doing them or maybe just in retrospect after you’ve left the situation. It’s a completely different thing to actually modify your behavior to avoid those faults, I try but it’s really hard on the stuff you recall in retrospect. GRRRRRRR!!!!

People piss me off fairly recently, I don’t know what it is but my normally laid-back mellow individual self is slowly draining the deep pool of patience. I don’t know why. ARRRG!!!

Too bad you guys don’t get to read the stuff that doesn’t make it here, that’s the really personal stuff that never leaves my head. It’ll probably completely change the way you think about me if you caught some of it.

You ever wear a mask so long that that’s what you become? I think that may have happened to me.

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