less sea,

wua due wee haf hear? Yeah, sometimes I wonder what puts me in those moods too. Been far too long since my last unfortunately. I had mentioned that I had enough material for another post the week of the last one, sadly I let it slide and it slid off the slide into no-mans land, where it probably stepped on a land mine or something. It may still be alive just chilling on that mine waiting for help, but there isn’t much I can do about it.

What I’ve been up to these past few weeks beside procrastinating writing one of these? Let’s see how much I can remember since I haven’t been keeping a running log.

I don’t recall doing anything the weekend of the 19th so I’ll move on to my birthday weekend. I’m now officially 27 years in physical age, I’m not sure that I’m mentally that old yet, probably closer to 17. The weekend was lots of fun though. My family and I went to see the Blue Man group which was lots of fun. The one disappointment about the show was it’s similarity to The Complex which has been released on DVD. Mind you there were a fair amount of differences but the primary line and most the songs were from The Complex. It was probably just a touch disappointing because I was expecting a very different show but the show I saw was still lots of fun, so I have no disappointments about going. I received Guitar Hero 3 as a gift and am still working through the hard difficulty of that, but I’m really enjoying it’s song list. Not much else comes to mind about that weekend.

There was a boulder joust on the 4th that I had been planning on going to for weeks but Celia came out from the east coast and we all (Josie, JC, and Eric) went to sushi. Tasty food and excellent company made it worth while.

The weekend after that was Mel’s birthday so I went down to Eugene to celebrate with that group of friends for the weekend. The fact that we all were kind of celebrating my birthday too didn’t hurt. Many games were played and gifts given, all in all another excellent weekend.

Enough people have asked what I did for Valentines that I feel I need to respond to all who didn’t ask. I spent Valentines Day exactly as I spent every other one that has come to pass, curled up in a corner crying myself to sleep. That was a joke but seriously I didn’t do anything, just went to bed early.

Now we come to present day, not much going on. Rode my bike, watched a few movies, and hung out with Karen. The weather was so great this weekend that I dusted off my bike and rode a bit on Saturday. I only rode 30 miles and it was a fairly laid back go, but man are my legs protesting. Now let me tell you about a couple of the vids I watched. Jumper, it’s an alright movie just a touch different from what I expected. Across The Universe I was a touch disappointed with. It had real good music but it sort of lacked a plot. It did have a plot but it kind of jumped a bit and felt like it lacked continuity or something. It had stuff that didn’t really link anything and stuff that felt like it needed linking. I’m not doing a good job describing it or the way I felt about it, but that’s the closest I’m going to come right now. A few movies coming up that I want to see are Idlewild and Shooter. Maybe tonight or this week, but they will be watched. Karen stayed Saturday evening on her way to Seattle, she’s moving there if I haven’t mentioned. We had breakfast followed by some GH3 which she needs more practice at but was still fun. That’s been my weekend.

Tomorrow is the second boulder joust, it’ll be grand. I need to get up to Mt Hood Meadows in the near future. I made the foolish act of buying a package deal that’s only good for this season but without transport to get there. If you’re going and have room in your vehicle for 1 more body (I have no gear outside of clothing) please, LET ME KNOW, I’ll chip in for fuel too. Outside getting a ride with friends I’ll probably be going solo, that or cut my losses.

What else? I think I’m getting into a baking frenzy. I believe everyone enjoys eating desserts and while I fit in that category, I also enjoy making and sharing them. I think I’m going to try my hand at making bread pudding this week. Soo tasty, or at least that’s the plan.

It had been mentioned to me that some who read my posts have no clue who I’m talking about when I mention friends names. Those people shouldn’t feel left out though, they’re in the same boat as the vast majority of my friends as very few have actually met each other. The exception to that I think is the few that met each other while I was in the hospital but I don’t think that was too many, and that’s probably the only time they’ll ever meet.

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