A sound decision?

So stuff has been coming up or been keeping me up and both have been keeping me away.  I don’t know where my wife would like to live as I don’t know that I’ve even met her yet, but that’s all details.  If you do know her though, I wouldn’t mind if you introduced us.

Next up because it’s sitting at the top of my mind I’m going to talk a bit about my car.  I’ve replaced a few things, my stereo and my soft top.  The top was vinyl and I just got that replaced this past weekend.  If you weren’t aware, a squirrel decided last fall that my cars roof would be a good place to hide some nuts, thus it dug some holes and buried them in it.  I thought I had patched it up but after having water in the car the past couple months I figured it was time to get it taken care of.  All I have left now is to maybe adjust my clutch cable, replace the e-brake cable, and replace that emissions part.  Nothing too serious and can be done at my leisure.

Moving on to the stereo saga.  So back in February I found a new stereo that I wanted.  This desire was pushed even further by the fact that my CD player was having serious issues making it hard to listen to even the stereo sometimes.  So I ordered the stereo but it was on backorder.  Fast forward a touch over a month and they finally ship it.  I get it and after a week finally get it working the way I want, but it doesn’t do the bass like I would like.  I check the site I bought the unit from and it turns out they had the upgraded model the entire time, and sell it for exactly the same price.  Instead of calling them up and filling for an exchange and possibly waiting a couple weeks for the new unit, I just buy it and can listen to music while I wait for it.  At the moment I actually have them both in my garage, but the new one is in my car and the old one boxxed and ready to ship back for a refund.  Fortunately the new one just swapped right in since I had the whole thing set up for it from the previous one.  I think I made a sound decision, or maybe it was just an audible?

So what else have I been up to?  I’m not even sure all of it but here’s the main points in short if I recall when I last posted correctly.  My mom’s dad passed away and the family got together in Iowa for the funeral.  Somber occasion but good seeing family.  We had a freakishly warm weekend where I did some fun biking and the following weekend was freakishly cold where I played a touch in the snow.  Been hanging out with friends where I can, comprising mostly of weekends.  I think that covers most of it, like I said, short.

Things coming up?  This Friday is my moms bday but I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing about it, maybe celebrating at a later date when we can all get together.  Saturday is my friend Becky’s bday and a celebration will be at her place.  Sunday I’m not sure yet, sort of depends on the weather.  I still want to go out to Silver Falls but if Adam and Anna want to go climbing while they’re up here for Becky’s day we may do that instead.

One last point, next month I’ll be participating in the Reach the Beach ride.  It’s a 100mi cycling event that I’ll be doing from Portland to Pacific city, sounds like a blast.  The one stipulation is that since the event is being held by the American Lung Association of Oregon, they ask that I do some fund raising for them.  I’m not asking you to donate, but if you feel you would like to it’s for a good cause and is tax deductible.  I made my fund raising goal modest but if you’d like to help me reach it you can go to the >-link here-<.  They’ll even accept funds above my goal and if I hit the $100 mark they’ll give me a tshirt, FOR FREE!  If you don’t trust online forms with your banking  info, you can always give me a check made out to them or mail it directly to them, there’s info on the site.

I need to go to bed now so I’ll leave it there, but hopefully updates will be coming more frequently, but you know how well I fail at that goal.

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