It was a good weekend

For me at least. Here’s the play-by-play if you’re interested at all.
Friday, did nothing after work, hung out at home and after a while got bored so I researched a bit about bicycles and watched The Matrix. Slept in a bit on Saturday (11ish) which was nice. Ran some errands, did laundry, etc. Then A couple of my friends came up from Corvallis to visit his sister and got directions from me to get to my place from their. I hopped a ride with them back to Corvallis and hung out with them for the night. We played games and watched Fun With Dick and Jane. Merryment was had by all. Sunday, on my friends way to work he dropped me off at my sisters place and I hung out there till she was ready to go to Portland. I hopped a ride home with her where I took a nap while my sisters ran some errands. Then I called my bud Paul (who I haven’t seen in some years) and we went to Performance Bicycle where I got to spend a pretty penny on a new mt. bike and gear, but I’m pleased overall with what I got. Ate dinner with Paul, my sisters, and Jesse (Jenn’s fiance) at Noodler (I think that’s what it’s called) which was better than I expected. Went home, played with my new toy a bit which made me realise how much I’ve let my fitness slip but I’ll be fixing that shortly which my new toy should help.

I still need to buy a bit more gear (lock, biking shoes for the clipless, etc.) but I should be set for quite a while. I also missed out on visiting with some friends whom I haven’t seen in a while and going mt. climbing in Eugene, but that’ll have to happen another time I guess.

Makes me sad to miss friends like that but there wasn’t much to do about it and I may see them when I go to a friends birthday party on Wednesday. And as always it bring me extreme joy to spend time with the friends and family I do :). It also kinda saddens me when I find out that other friends had crummy weekends, but there’s nothing I can do but try to pass on some happiness by giving them some attention, oh well…

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