And the excitement continues…

So where to begin? Well I’m not one to usually do stuff during the week other than browsing the web (I know, I’m sad) but Becky could only have her birthday on Wednesday and as such, hosted a party. It was a hoot, merryment was had, along with drinking, pleasant conversation, hot tubbing, tatoo’s, etc. Unfortunately I then had to go home so I could work in the morn.

So then continued the week which was average until Friday, whereas I joined my friends in Corvallis where Anna cooked us dinner (which was absolutely awesome) and we played a game called Curses (but we need more players in the future) which was fun. Watched some TV and went to bed. Saturday I joined Adam and Anna for breakfast with Adam’s sister and brother-in-law at New Morning Bakery which was pleasant. I then got to break in my new mt. bike with Adam who it appears is in much better shape than I as I kinda woosed out. I was able to keep up fairly well (in my opinion) but I was definitely holding him back on the climbs. It’s going to take a bit more riding to get use to all the new gear I got. Anna joined us later and we did a road ride, a bit shorter but still fun.

Later that evening I went to a cocktail party Celia was hosting at her place. It was great, everyone had to dress up nice and bring food/drink so it was kinda like a fancy pot-luck, but the food was stilll very good. The guy/girl ratio wasn’t that great (for me at least) since most the people were engineers and the field is dominated by guys, but there was still some interesting conversation.

Sunday was fairly slow until the afternoon when I went to Eugene to go rock climbing with Anna, Adam, and one of Adam’s co-workers. I don’t remember the name of the place we were climbing but it was cool, about 3 stories tall. Adam’s been doing this a while so he showed us noobs the ropes. It was a blast and concreted my resolve to add this as a sport I’m going to really get into. Got home late, went to bed, and went to work the next day. Probably one of the fullest weeks I’ve had in a while and it was good.

I may have forgotten somethings but I think I got the main points and it’s late. The fun continues this weekend when I go back to Corvallis. This will make it the third weekend in a row (maybe I should move there) but each weekend I’ve been spending the majority of my time with different people, so it’s kinda working out. This weekend is mom’s weekend at OSU and my sis Karen is going to be working a booth selling her stuff at the faire in the quad. If you’re looking for some quality jewelry I’d suggest checking it out. Either way I’ll probably be spending some time with her and maybe some more biking and word is there may be a party or two.

Unfortunately I had to turn another friend down for a bike ride this weekend and some how it slipped my mind that this weekend is Celia’s birthday. She’s going to celebrate in Portland I believe so sadly I’m going to have to miss out on that. Too bad there isn’t more of me to go around and spend time with everyone, it sucks being so popular :P.

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