So bastards at the Sprint store finally got my replacement phone for me. I call them bastards not because I don’t like Sprint (I do) but because it takes friggin forever to get helped and once they help you it seems like they’re dragging their feet. I don’t know if they’re just incompetent at that store or just stupid. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

Either way, I went in to get my replacement and they showed me how to transfer my photo’s to the web so I don’t lose them (which was nice) and took my phone to transfer the contacts to the new phone. They then informed me it was going to take about 30min. Since I was waiting to be helped for about that time and I was doing this on my lunch break, I told them I’d be back after work.

Returning after work I went in (having to wait another half-hour) and was given my phone. I left the place and was going to call someone when I noticed I had no contacts and turned around to ask where the hell they are. They told me they didn’t know what happened but they hooked up the cable and it wiped all the contacts on my original phone. They asked me if I had any sort of backup for my contacts and I told them I didn’t for probably 10 or so. They felt bad so they’re fiving me $1 for every contact I didn’t have backed up. I should have told them I lost more :(.

Long story short, I did lose some numbers so don’t be suprised if I don’t call you or ask for your number again. On the upside, yay for insurance, it costs some green every month but a free replacement phone is worth it I think (even if the idiots wiped my contacts).

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