I’m tired

So this past weekend was decent enough, could have been better but you live with what your dealt. For those of you out of the know, my dad had a guys weekend up at the cabin this past weekend. It’s an anual event in which the date has been set since probabaly January. It’s to be expected that not everyone invited would be able to make it but this year nearly everyone who said they would come cancelled in the past week, many on Friday. It’s a litle disheartening when only three of the expected twenty actually make it. meh.

Beyond the cancellations, those of us who were there had a blast, it was a little slower than would have been with more but a great time was still had. There was also quite the excess in food but we managed to do our best to dent that. I was also put in charge in making the desserts which would have been much more challenging if everyone was there, but there were plenty of left-overs sso I didn’t have to make much for breakfast/lunch. I could probably live a month off the left-overs :).

I also got my new toys I ordered from REI. First is a new climbing harness with some other essential gear (carbiner, belay device, chalk bag, etc.). Anyhow, to make sure the harness was comfortable I tried it on and was going to hang for it for a bit. This involved me roping myself to a bar I hung in the garage. This in itself wasn’t too bad until I accidentially knocked over the stool I was using to get in and out of my position. Long story short, I ended up hanging around a bit longer than expected but I eventually got myself down.

I’m really trying to get into rock climbing but it’s really difficult when the only friends enthusiastic towards the sport you don’t see very often, but I’m going to try to make new friends closer to home to show me the ropes. Once I get enough know-how expect me to be taking you rock climbing :). I think everyone should try it at least once.

The other toy I got from REI was a GPS bike computer. I know it’s a bit excessive but I really wanted a bike computer that could tell me my altitude and while shopping I just ended on this and bought it. It is very sweet though. I’ve only been able to try it a few time so far and only on blacktop but I’m liking it so far. It tells me my speed, my altitude, rate of climb, cadence (pedaling speed), heart beat, calories burned, time racing, trail path, and many other things I probably don’t need but cool that it can do. A couple things I really like is that I can upload paths to and from my comp. So a trail that I’ve never been on before I can use this as a kind of guide to make sure I end up where I expect to. It’s also nice being able to see where I’ve been.

Lastly, I promised my mom I’d burn a few CD’s for her to give to people going for a drive in a couple weeks. Little did I know that this few CD’s would turn into 90, half of which I need to master. I also need to make the inserts and labels too apparently. Well, I’m most the way through them (I have 25 left) it’s taken me 4hrs so far and that’s just burning, I got the tracks ready last week. To get this done as fast as possible it means I can’t be away from my comp for more than 2.5min at a time, what a pain. I haven’t even done the inserts and labels yet, ARG, and my dad wants them by tomorrow, I say tough to him.

A couple final thoughts. My bikes out of the shop ($40 for this little piece of metal !?!?!), the house is a mess, I worked 10 hrs today, family coming for Memorial Day Weekend, have to miss going to comedy club Friday, my thoughts are getting disjointed, the cats are obnoxious in the morn, I wish it’d be less rainy when I’m not at work, I need an automated mass burner, ugh.

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