Soooo, less-ee, what have I been up to…  For starters, the company I work for has gotten too big for it’s britches so we spent the past week moving to a new building, much more space.  Unfortunately we have a lot of crap to sort through now but hey, I get paid the same so what do I care. 

This past weekend I went biking at Brown’s Camp (Old Historic Trail in Tillamook Forest) with Paul and Brad, it was a bit more technical than I’m used to but it was still fun.  We also went climbing at the gym after biking so I was pretty worn out at the end of Sunday.

This coming Friday might hang out with JC but that depends more on him than me.  The bridge pedal is also this weekend, I’ve never done it before but I might this year, it’d give me an excuse to buy road tires if nothing else.  Might hang out with my sis in Hood River Sunday as well, we’ll see what happens ther if anything.

I started ‘pimping’ my page but got bored of dissassembling the code so I could tell what the hell I was doing and left it at it’s present state.  I’ll probably fix it up some more when I get really bored.  In the meantime I’ve picked rendering back up, nothing too serious but here’s what I made tonight, I’m not happy with it yet, but I think it’s close.

Final thoughts:  If I’m a cohort, who’s the hort?

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