‘nother WHA?!?!?

and to recap… Oh wait, that should be at the end eh?

So Friday I went to Chris and Amanda’s place for a bbq thing, fun waas had, we were geeks.  It would have been cooler if people who told me they were going to inform me when they were going to go so we could carpool did, but they didn’t.  So I sat around a couple hours waiting for someone to call me before I figured I was flaked on and called to find out they were already there and I was to drive myself.  Am I bitter?  No, life sucks enough to dwell on such minor things.

Went climbing at the gym Saturday where I convinced Paul and Brad to come on the Providence Bridge Pedal.  I don’t know how to contact Brad so Paul was in charge of getting him the details.  Long story short, Paul flaked on Brad and we never heard from him again (at least till we go back to the gym tomorrow).

So I decided I wanted some road tires for my mt bike for the bridge pedal and bought some on Saturday.  They rock but they make my bike look so weenie now.

I ended staying up till 12:30 sat night and got up for the pedal 5ish, that was stupid.  We did the 10-bridge ride (36 miles), it was cake and fun.  On the down side, I may have shin splints on my right leg, most the second half was fairly painful but I dealt.  Overall, it took us (there were 8, me the only non-asian) about 3 hours of riding time, took some pictures along the way, and we went to the Bite of Portland afterwards, which was alright (that’s a whole nother rant, maybe later).  I was going to join my sis and her fiance for dinner and fix there comp (contrary to what my shirt says, I will often fix your computer) but took a nap that lasted longer than expected and didn’t hear my phone ring.  Oops, this must have been a flakey weekend, but I made it up to them tonight.

I was invited via a text message to a birthday party by/for some aussie named Haylie at Henry’s this Friday.  Through a couple more text messages I verified that I do not know this person and she does not know me, I think I’ll send her a card :).

Coming Attractions: going climbing tues and thurs, Jared’s trying out his new shoes and Josie and her sis are joining the fun on Thursday.  I’m going to finish helping with my sis’s comp.  Beyond that I have no plans, but I should find some, life is too short.  Maybe I’ll go meet some people at that birthday party, I was invited afterall…

And Now For Our Feature Presentation:


There are full sized pics for those who want them, just ask.

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