In Hawai’i

Let’s cut to the chase, I haven’t been up to much but here we go.

Last week Josie returned from Tahoe and dragged her sis with her, so we dragged them both to the climbing gym for some evening entertainment.  Went to get food afterwards and found out that Noodlin’ is closed, bastards.

The weekend didn’t do much but clean and sit around till Sunday when I rode my bike dt and back again.  I woke up a bit late and went straight for it, sprinting the first 5 miles.  I should have taken it slower and gotten more fluids in me beforehand since I felt a bit sick after sprinting and it was roasting out but, live and learn.  After I got back I joined JC for some bouldering but it was also too hot in there, so we didn’t stay long.

Yesterday I went and saw “Snakes On A Plane” with Paul and (his friend?) Haylee (sp?).  It was an amusing movie, about what I’d expect from a B movie but I still have many problems with soe of the details.  Maybe it’s the engineer in me.  I don’t think it would have been anywhere near as good as it was without Samuel L. Jackson though and I wouldn’t pay to see it again, but if someone paid for me to see it, I wouldn’t mind.

I got up early this morning to join George and his sis for breakfast at IHOP.  I can’t remember the last time I was at one if I’ve ever been to one before.  While a bit pricey, it was still good.  It was nice to catch up a bit with George too, I don’t get to talk to him enough or see him and Jen, I should visit them more often. 

He flew out to Vegas afterwards and I don’t care if it for business, you’re still lucky for getting to go and play with the new toys. bastard.  Just don’t bring any diseases back from the pro’s, it’ll be hard to explain to Jen :).

Future plans?  Ouch, it’ll be sweet if I can plan this right, but odds are it’ll blow up in my face and I’ll still have fun, but not as much as I could.

This coming Friday there’s talk of a poker game I’d like to go to with some school chums I haven’t seen in about a year, but I’ll probably be seeing most them labor day weekend so even if I can’t make the game it’s no huge loss.  JC’s talking about daytripping a scouting of camp sites out by Salmon River on Saturday, I might go with him on that if I can but we’ll see closer to the weekend.  Then on Sunday Paul is talking about doing some paintballing, I’d imagine no problems being able to do that and should be fun.  Between all that though and the reason everything is kinda tenative is because Mel is hanging out here between when she’s in Hood River for a wedding gig, but I’ll figure out her timing more precicely when she get’s here. 

There’s also a rodeo going on by my parents place but I think I can safely rule that out as an option unless something drastic happens, like Portland gets nuked.  I don’t think they’d still have the rodeo if Portland got nuked though, but it’s still an option.

With all that I’ve made only one promise I think and me being the honorable person I am refuse to back down from a promise unless I REALLY REALLY have to, especially if it’s one I made to a friend.  This is why I try to avoid promising things very often, I’d like to believe my word is actually worth something that way.

Moving on to Labor Day weekend, same kind of chaos/fun packed planning.  Friday is Celia’s going away schindig/WALOS thing.  That should be loads of fun.  Then after I believe JC is trying to plan a camping trip at Salmon River with outdoorsey stuff going on.  I don’t know how many people he’s planing for nor how many people are planning on going but I might make that. 

My other option is that there’s been an invite extended my way to go to Smith Rock.  I’ve never been but I’d assume it’s camping and climbing for the rest of the weekend and sounds like it would be huge fun.  I’m kinda torn though since I think most everyone going to that would be leaving Friday so they could climb Sat morning and I probably wouldn’t get out there till Sat afternoon.  I’ll have to mull over this descision for a bit…

On a completely different note, I was approached by a production company doing some sort of documentary on the baby boom generation for PBS in reguards to a render I made (click it for large version) last year.  They want to use my picture as a green-screen backdrop for their opening.  I personally think that this is really neat, even if I don’t think the pic is that great.  I am somewhat proud of it and do like the concept, it’s just the quality I’m not happy with.

So I already gave them permission to use it but I’m going to touch it up some and see if they’d rather use the newer one or at least a newer one from the version they have.  Hopefully it won’t take me to much time to do that and I can do that before they film that part but we’ll see.  It won’t be released till Spring ’07 though but it’ll be the first thing with my name in the credits that’ll be seen nationally :).

Sorry if some paragraphs are too long, the post I had last night was much better but I’m tired and don’t feel like going through all the editing to make it nicer, so go eat some dirt if you’ve a problem.  And yes I did have some fun with linking stuff and no, I’m not posting pics this week, maybe next.

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