Ooh, it’s so long. Can I touch it?

Uhg, spent so much money’s but my new stuff is awesome.  It’s mostly camping stuff so it won’t get used very often but it’s great stuff and if the use I’ve already had with it is any indication, I’m very happy with it’s performance and don’t mind the moneys spent.

I know all of you (I think I have 3 regular readers now) are burning to know how my weekend plans turned out.  On Friday I did go to Celia’s going away thing in the North Plains and Saturday through Monday I went climbing down at Smith Rock.  In case you didn’t figure it out, I didn’t fall and die climbing so, except for the pain, I think this was an extremely good weekend.

Friday I left work early so I could get some errands done before I met up with JC and Josie to go to the North Plains, I timed it perfectly if I do say so myself.  We went out to Celia’s thing, bbq’d up a storm and ate well, drank equally well and just generally hung out with everyone else there.  There were some dry-ice bombs mixed in there as well, amusement was had by us watching people jump who didn’t expect them.  Then we broke out the hot tub and kept warm till the projector was pulled out and we watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.  That movie was surprisingly better than I expected, enough so that I may end up buying it.  After the movie I think we all turned in but about that point my memory gets a bit fuzzy.  All in all it was an excellent evening.

I got up in the morning to find that JC and Josie left my tent up for me to take down (they borrowed it) but it wasn’t a big deal for me to take care of.  So after several goodbyes I went home to clean up and gear up for the Smith Rock trip.  The plan was to meet the others at noon and head out but I don’t know what the others guys problems were but Ken was fairly late at the meet and it took FOR-EV-ER to do the grocery shopping.  We finally headed out of Hillsboro at 2:30. 

We got to the campground, set up camp and went to see if we could get some climbing in before it got dark.  Wonderfully enough we got the route set up in the light but had to climb in the dark, which is an interesting experience, ‘specially since Ken and Paul had never climbed outside before and had to learn to belay.  Back at camp Paul set up the DVD player (I know, we’re ridiculous) and we stayed up late watching The Protector.  Definitely a sweet action movie, but I don’t know about the story, seemed a bit weak to me.

In the morning we got a late start and it didn’t help that it took forever to get ready; I don’t know what’s up with that.  Either way, we got to the wall and it was nice, overcast, and cool.  We only did four routes but I got the opportunity to try a hand at leading.  Awesome experience, I’ll have to do some more of it when I can.  The only downside is that the books we had didn’t have some of the routes marked so I don’t know what they were rated and I couldn’t even guess since I don’t have enough experience yet. 

Once it started to get dark we decided to do some bouldering.  That wouldn’t have been as bad of an idea if we had had a pad of some sort, but we didn’t so we did easier stuff so not to hurt ourselves but I still ended up pulling my hamstring or something.  It only hurts if I squat or try pushing a bunch of weight so I’m trying to avoid that until I’m healed, which hopefully won’t take too long.

So on Monday we tried to get an earlier start, but we still ended up getting to wall about the same time, FRIGGIN’ REDICULOUS.  I got to lead some more routes but it was in full sun and it got hot fast.  We still had fun (at least I did) but called it early since it was hot and so we could get to Portland at a reasonable hour.

While we were packing up we found someone elses gear mixed in with ours so we left a note and took it to the ranger.  We had to do an inventory of the contents with the ranger and based on what was in it, I really hope its owner gets it.  Other than that it was an awesome weekend and between Paul and me we came home with 570 or so pictures (~450 from my camera).  Yeah, we’re ridiculous.

Since then I’ve been climbing every day.  Tuesday met with JC, Josie, and Sheryll at the gym.  Wednesday I met up with a group and we went to Iron Mt. in Lake Oswego, and Tonight I went back to the gym.  I think I’m going to take a break from climbing till next Tuesday though, let my body heal a bit. Six days in a row appears to be pushing it when I’m mildly injured.

This weekend is going to be kinda relaxed and do whatever comes up, so hit me up if you want to do something.

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