Retractions of self-imaginatory fabrications

I was bored last week and wrote that blog in a creative attempt to get more feedback and figure out who exactly reads my blogs at the same time.  Apparently though, my attempt was both too obvious for many and my hints too vague for the rest (*cough* Karen *cough cough*)  So allow me to clarify things a bit here.

In greek mythology, Cassandra was a prophet who was cursed so no one would believe her, no matter how hard she tried to convince them.  So I figured the bizarro version would be the liar that everyone believed.

Kaiser Sose was a character from The Usual Suspects who could take the smallest details from his surroundings and turn them into tales you could believe.  In my opinion, he is one of the greatest con-artists in the world.

Still not getting it?  The part I posted last week was a complete fabrication.  I’m not engaged and there isn’t even a Sarah.  I’m still single and bored.  I think I’m taken much more seriously than should be, at least when pertaining to certain matters.

My sis (Karen) came up to Portland a couple weeks ago (the 16th), met up with some old friend and went to some concert by Robin Trower with backstage passes.  I should have gone out with them but for some reason that possibility didn’t pass through my mind until it was too late.  I don’t think I did much of anything that weekend other than hang out with my sisters.

Still doing the climbing thing pretty regularly at the gym (at least two times a week), mostly bouldering but it’s slowly shifting to include more vertical I think.  We’re starting to develop quite the posse there.

This past Saturday I bit the bullet, geared up a bit and bought a rope + other stuff for leading sport routes.  This was mostly so instead of just being invited I can actually initiate trips outdoors; it’s nice having the power now.  The timing was involved with a plan to climb outside on Sunday.  Originally the plan was to go with Josie and Jared to Salmon Slab out by the Salmon River (assuming I could get them to get harnesses) but it quickly changed.  It became Jared, Josie, Brian, whoever Brian could grab, and me out at French’s Dome.  Ended up Brian couldn’t get a hold of anyone but that was fine.

French’s Dome is rather neat, you’re walking through the forest and BAM!  Out of nowhere, there’s this huge boulder just chilling there thinking, “What? You wanna make somethin’ of it?”  Apparently it’s a lava plug that was shot out of Mt. Hood some long time ago.  Looking at the distance the thing is from the peak, that must have been some blast.  We climbed it anyway.

Out of the three routes we climbed I got to lead two, testing out my new gear and gaining more experience.  The climbs were fairly easy still, we didn’t have a good book showing us the routes and there ratings so we just made do with what we could.  Either way I think I could handle a bit more of a challenge since I didn’t fall at all.  I had tons of fun.  Jared got to climb for the fist time and learn how to belay somewhat (he didn’t have to lower me).  I’d say overall it was a pretty good trip.

My dad has finally set a price for selling the Mustang to me which brings about the question of whether or not I really want it.  I really like driving a sporty convertible but I can’t help but feel I should get a slightly more practical vehicle.  Mostly I’d like to be able to transport people, drive in snow, and move larger things like my bike; stuff I’d have a hard time doing in the mustang.  Decisions decisions…

I’m starting to plan out my next few weeks, but things can change if you offer up something more appealing and I haven’t made any promises.  This coming weekend is my sister’s bf’s birthday so I’m going to go to Corvallis.  Gonna hang out with other people too.  The weekend after that I think I’m going to go to my parents place in Goldendale and bring back the cats with me.  They’re leaving for three weeks after that weekend so I get to watch the cats.  Sometime during those three weeks I think I want to check out the climbing at a place called Horse Thief Butte outside The Dalles.  Don’t know how that’ll work out but maybe stay at the place in Goldendale since it’s closer than Portland.  Don’t know how many people I can get interested in it either, so we’ll see.

Lastly, there are some people who want me to shave my beard, I’m considering it.  Since I want a beard by Halloween I figure this weekend will be my last chance to shave it before then, so if I do it I think it’ll be this Sunday.  If you have an opinion tell me about it now.

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