Procrastinated enough?

It’s been a few weeks and I feel bad about not posting anything, more cause now I have a long post instead of three shorter ones but what can I do?

I find it very amusing/interesting that I get so much more feedback from people about whether or not I should shave my beard vs my statement about my (imaginary) engagement.  I don’t know if that says more about me or more about my readers.  Either way I, being the very stubborn and difficult to persuade type, have chosen to not shave it.  Since there are only two people I know of interested in seeing what I look like without a beard I’m in no hurry to shave it, but it may happen in mid November.  Stay tuned for further coverage of this story.

My awesome friends have invited me to go to Disneyland with them and I plan to join them, all I’m missing are the tickets which I’ll be ordering here fairly soon.  We’d be going the last weekend of November/first of December.  It should be tons of fun and it’s been a long time since I was last there.

So, going back in time to cover the things I’ve been up to.  Please bear with me as my memory may not be perfect, but I’ll do what I can.

Three weeks ago my weekend was one fun filled day after another.  Before the weekend even started though I went with some friends from the gym to have a kinda going away celebration for Laura.  Man, we couldn’t get rid of her fast enough.  We went down to Alberta street on the East side and apparently the last Thursday of the month the area turns into a mini New Orleans.  There were fire-dancers, musicians, artisans of all sorts, all the stores were open, it was just the happening place to be.  We all hung out and had dinner at this place that was pretty good.  We were going to go to a wine bar down the street but they were closing so we ended up getting desert/drinks a bit further down the street and hung out till late and went home.

Friday started with me arriving at work a bit late but being informed by my boss to go ahead and take a half day and mark it a full one.  So I was able to miss rush-hour traffic and go to Corvallis where I hung out with my sister for the rest of the evening.  After a nap I went to pick up Jared after he got off work (2am) and went to their neighbors place to play Guitar Hero till about 6.  I think I can safely say that we rocked the Casbah.

Due to the late hours and the football game mixed with 99W northbound being closed, I decided to treat myself and sleep-in on Saturday.  I don’t know this as a fact but apparently someone decided to drive a forklift into the bridge separating southtown from northtown, closing down the northbound part.  This forces all that traffic to go around and cross on the 34 bridge just fubar-ing the whole thing making it take FOR-EV-ER in heavy traffic.  So I slept in and then went to visit Adam and Anna.  I got to check out their new house and games were played.  I left later and hung out at bars with my sis and others till late (it was Theresa’s b-day and Jared’s was Sunday).

I slept in again on Sunday but then went to Skinner’s Butte in Eugene for some climbing with Adam and Anna.  After climbing Derek and Mel joined us and we all went to get dinner at some mexican restaurant.  Mmmmmmmmmm, tasty.

I got back to Corvallis late on Sunday and unfortunately couldn’t hang out much, so I said by good-byes and went back home.  I also had to miss monday’s party for Jared which saddened me.

Didn’t do a whole lot during that week but the next weekend I went up to my parents’ cabin to visit them and their guests.  On the way up though I decided to check out Horse Thief to make sure it would be worthy of the time to get a climbing group together and go sometime.  It’s actually a fairly neat area just East of The Dalles in Washington.  It’s kinda this big hill that’s full of canyons/gullies/amphitheaters.  Weather forgiving we’re going to go there this weekend.  I had a decently sized group going but people keep dropping out, so it may end up just three of us or not at all.  If the ‘not at all’ happens I’m not sure I’m going to check on the dogs this weekend since it’d just be me driving to Goldendale for the weekend, and I’m not sure I’m up for that.

Didn’t do much the week after that again but the following weekend (this past weekend) I got pulled into (last minute) going out to Smith Rock.  It was awesome, got several climbs in, some really good leads (one of which it took me ~20 times to get past the hard part, poor Amber), and TONS of fun.  The weather was also perfect.

That’s about the gist of the past three weeks.  Oh, and Celia moved to the east coast so we had a going bye dinner for her as well, I think that was Wednesday before Laura’s.  Closing thoughts?  Okay, if I have to.

I feel sort of sad for my bike.  I go out; I get this sweet bike that I rode fairly religiously for a while, but then I got pulled into climbing.  At first I was climbing and biking between climbing days but I got most my cycling friends into climbing too so the biking trips quickly petered out to nothing.  Now it’s too cold at night to bike and the sun sets too early for me to go for rides after work so my bike collects dust on its rack from disuse.  Poor bike, maybe I’ll get a trainer/spinners so I can do something more active while vegging in front of the TV.

I think I’m becoming a bit gluttonous recently, but maybe it’s just a biological reaction to the colder weather getting me to fatten up for hibernation.

I really need to check my cash flow, I feel I’m just hemorrhaging money sometimes, but maybe if I fix the gluttony problem my wallet will feel a bit better.  Of course, buying new tires for my car didn’t help either (ouch).

I need to be going to bed sooner too but here I am, 12:40am and still up.  I was going to hit it at 11 but I started this thinking I had put it off long enough and before I know it, I’m tired and cranky and it’s past my bed time.  Maybe I’ll take a sitting nap at work tomorrow; no one will be the wiser, hehehehe.

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