My cleverness ran out

aLast weekend I lead a trip out to Horse Thief Butte.  It was cool but I think the group I was with was a bit more laid back than I’m used to.  It seemed there was much more discussion about what we may want to try to climb than actual action in those directions.  Despite that I think everyone had fun till the end.  There was a slight accident (one person fell) but fortunately she is fine, we just had to leave a little earlier than anticipated.

When we go back I think we need someone a bit more assertive and maybe someone who can lead hard trad climbs.

Paul left for Singapore/Cambodia on Tuesday so a few of us went to a ‘see-ya’ dinner (sushi).  Wednesday we got a small group together and went to Fright-town.  It was alright, better than expected.  The best part was watching Jen jump, it was funny.

Thursday JC and I had some entertainment setting off roman candles underground as a kind of test run for smoking out moles.  It was entertaining to say the least, but I don’t think that’s the way to go.

Friday I went to a Classic Rock Opera downtown with JC and Josie.  They were doing The Who’s Tommy which I’ve always been a fan of and it was neat seeing it being done in person.

Saturday we were going to build some smoke bombs and try to get some moles out of the ground but that didn’t happen due to some miscommunication.  Either way I decided to mow the yard in the evening so I’ve probably collapsed most the tunnels so we won’t be able to do it unless the mole decided to put up some new mounds.

This Monday the climbing gym is having a boulder joust.  If I understand the concept correctly, they set up a bunch of new routes (climbing and bouldering) and you get points for completing as many as you can.  There’s food/beer/karaoke plus a raffle for prizes.  Whole thing should be a hoot specially with a bunch of us kinda dressing up to celebrate Halloween at the same time.

Had I thought about it I would have gotten a group together to go to the Japanese Gardens.  I’d imagine that they’re looking pretty awesome right now with all the leaves changing colors, but maybe next weekend.

And to leave on a high note… Mahna mahna

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