Miles of Neglect

So been a while, like 5 weeks. Geez I’ve been slacking, so here’s what I recall I’ve been up to, all shorthand like. If you’re looking for comedy this time, I don’t think there’s much if any, MOVING ON!

FIVE weeks ago, didn’t do a whole lot, hung out with Josie and Jared Saturday evening, good sushi. NEXT!
FOUR weeks ago, Becky’s bday party, lots of fun, went climbing at Broughton’s on Saturday, rested up Sunday, Went and saw Meet the Robinson’s later in the week, I enjoyed it. NEXT!
THREE weeks ago, Went to Corvallis to help out Karen at Moms weekend selling her jewelry, ended up hanging out with other friends and going to a live performance of the Beatles Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, the only complaint I have is they should have had a person dedicating to the mixer adjusting the levels. Went to Eugene in the morn to climb at Skinners. NEXT!
TWO weeks ago, didn’t really have much planned and last minute joined up with Adam and Anna to go climbing at Flagstaff on Saturday, it ended up being wet so we kept driving to Smith Rock where the weather was great. Climbed till Sunday afternoon and went home. NEXT
ONE week ago, I didn’t really have much planned but Saturday a bunch of last minute choices came up, I ended up watching Jared’s puppy for the day while he was at a wedding, Sunday was going to go see Spider-man 3 but ended up just hanging out at Josh’s.

I’ve gotten many miles in and it looks like many more to come. Looking to the future (yes I can see it, you doubt me?), this weekend is Memorial day which means 3 day weekend, yippee. Didn’t really have plans for it till today and it appears I’m going backpacking/climbing with Adam and Anna again at a place called the Menagerie wilderness area, I think it has a bunch of neat spires in the woods, real tall ones, I’ll take pics. June 30th going to Goldendale for a guys weekend (not the second weekend as previously advertised) and July 13 I have the STP, beyond that no definitive plans other than I know I AM going backpacking/camping somewhere sometime.

Speaking of the STP, so I did get a new bike and have started my training. When I got it I knew the gearing would be diff from my mt bike but I didn’t realize it would be as much as it is, climbing hills is hard but I can at least stand and pump now. I also bought rollers so I can train inside and practice keeping my line while pumping (it’s harder than you might think) and keep at it while it’s raining.

Anything else new? Oh yeah, I’m moving into Jared’s house, or at least I think I am, the timings been a bit off from what I would’ve liked but oh well. For various reasons I decided it was time for me to move out of my parents house, even if I may end up back there I think this will be for the better. I’ll make a post of pics when I get back this weekend.

Now I’ll stop procrastinating my packing and do it.

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