I’m so messed up

Fortunately I can recognize that, or maybe it’s unfortunate.  I don’t know what to say, I’ve been neglecting my blog and as a result, you.  Sorry.  Lots of stuff going on that I don’t really want to or know how to deal with so I’ve been dodging life where I can.

So anyway, after reading that last post (god I thought I typed better than that) it’s been a bit since it so I’ll update you on the vague goings on of what I’ve been doing.  I’m feeling particularly wordy at the moment so bear with me.

A couple weekends ago (Friday) I played with JC’s new puppy.  Oh, I didn’t mention he got one?  Well he did, it has fur.  Saturday I drove down to Corvallis and hung out with my sis.  Had breakfast with my other Corvallis friends and watched 300 with Karen and Jared on Sunday.  I highly recommend watching it, very artistically done and good storyline.  I think Karen enjoyed it too so if you’re not usually into that sort of genre you may be pleasantly surprised if you watch it.  If you still aren’t interested in seeing it you may be interested in the rated PG version.  We then followed it with a round of disc golf while Karen made chili, it was good.

Weekend after that I left work early and went climbing with tall Brian and Emily outside in Lake Oswego, fun was had.  Got a decent lead and a good climb with a sketchy traverse somewhere in there.  Didn’t really do much the rest of the weekend, it was slightly boring, much like this is halfway being.

Friday I was going to have a movie night and see a couple I haven’t before (Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon) but that was beat out by game night at Eric’s, fun was had via Catan followed by some brief Guitar Hero rounds.  Today I was going to do stuff but ended up not doing it, but I was productive.  Have you done your taxes yet?  I have and you should too if you haven’t, you have till the 17th so get off your lazy bum and do them.  I do enjoy getting my rebates.

I think my rebate this year is going to go into a new bicycle.  But wait, didn’t I recently get an awesome mt bike?  Why yes, yes I did but I’m thinking of getting a road bike too.  Why should I want a road bike when I have road tires for my mt one?  Well I signed up for the Seattle to Portland bike ride and while I’m comfortable riding fair distances on my mt bike I think traveling 200 miles over 2 days may be a bit more comfortable on something thats more designed for that type of riding.  Not to mention I don’t really need to be lugging around all that extra weight plus I’ll be using it as a commuter bike to go to and from work once the weather’s a bit more forbidding, or is it foreboding? It’ll be nice for my night rides too, save the rough wear for my mt bike.

Other outdoor stuffs; I’ve been acquiring some new gear to go backpacking/camping and I’m itching to go this season.  I will be going solo if I have to but that’s not as much fun.  If I haven’t already approached you about it I either will or you should just drop me a line if you know when or where or just that you want to go too, we can make plans from there.

So far I don’t have a whole lot of specific weekend scheduled yet but stuffs coming in fast, I’m booked through the rest of April if my memory serves me.  Next weekend I think I’m going to Eugene, weekend after that West Linn (at least Friday night, quite probably to Saturday morn) but I’ll have the latter half free I think.  Then we’re in May, no plans there yet.  I know I’m doing something for the second weekend in June at my parents cabin and if you don’t know what it is, you’re not invited.  You may not even be invited if you do know what it is but don’t hurt yourself over it, it’s a guys thing.  And then I have the STP in July I believe, other than that my schedule is open.

I do want to go to Seattle before July though, visit my friends recently established there and visit the ones who’ve been there a bit.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be making at least 2 trips out to Smith Rock too, but no one has started forming even wet concrete plans yet.  I don’t think the mix has even been bought yet but we have the water.

Onto semi-serious stuff, I don’t even know if this will make it out of the rough draft but I may ignore it in the editing phase and overlook the fact that it’ll be published for all to read or maybe it’ll just stay on my comp, we’ll see.

I think on of my main life problems is that I lack passion/drive/focus.  There are things in this life that I’d like but I don’t really have a NEED to have them, I’ve lived so long without them, why can’t I live longer in the same state?  This is part of the reason the reward system didn’t work too well with me when I was younger, I didn’t have moneys and while it’d be nice to have more, it’s not something I really needed.  If my food/water/air supply was cut off that would have probably been different but I think child services would have probably stepped in somewhere there.  I need something to stir me up but I have no idea what it would/could be.  I think my biggest drive is to make life more pleasant for those close to me since I will often go out of my way to make them happy, but I don’t know that does much for me personally other than make better friends.  I don’t let people walk over though, I’m strong enough in the core to keep that from happening.

My mind is plagued with heavy thoughts, I’ve made decisions, nothing permanent yet but it wouldn’t take much for them to cement I think.  I could be completely wrong in my assessment of the situation and the more time flies by the more I doubt my conclusions.  I won’t find out till after but in the mean time, insomnia ensues.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Why do I do this to myself?

I had a discussion a while ago about best friends.  She asked me if I had any and I really had to think about that.  She defined ‘best friend’ as a person you could confide in, tell all your secrets too or that’s how I translated what she said.  The more I think about it she and her husband may be some of the closest I have to a best friend.  Actually all of my friends are probably the closest but I don’t know that I’d say I have a closest one, a person I really confide in.  If all my friends got together sometime I think they could piece everything together but I’m pretty good at distributing the info and keeping my friend groups separate that’d that’d never really happen.  Then again, there aren’t a whole lot of you so it could happen.

I don’t use the word friend loosely though, if I’ve called you friend I’d probably step in front of a bullet for you, the rest of you are just acquaintances I hang out with or people I associate with.  Sorry, but I think I’d let the bullet hit you.  I would perform CPR if needed and generally try to save you but not at the cost of my own life, life’s harsh.

Okay, enough moping and self-loathing, more miscellaneous musings.  Apparently ‘okay’ isn’t in my spell correction dictionary but despite that being weird and it’s insistence that I want to spell ‘Tokay’ I’ll keep using it, okay?

Dancing isn’t one of my strong suits.  Beyond not really getting joy from doing it and being completely uncomfortable even in crowd of others who can’t do it either, I’m pretty sure I dance like a 5 year old.  No, not that one, more like that retarded one.  You know, the retarded one who can’t dance, it looks more like he’s having seizures.  I think if he was having seizures it’d make him a better dancer.  I’m pretty sure you get the idea of how I think I look trying to ‘bust’ some sort of ‘move.’

Speaking of breaking motions check this out.  I totally want one, unfortunately after looking into it as sophisticated as it is it’ll probably be several hundred dollars on the low end, but it’s still pretty sweet.  If you’re really interested what it’s being used for that’s fairly interesting too.

On the same discourse (I think that’s the right use but too lazy to check a dictionary) this guy has some serious SMP going on too.  That’s simultaneous multi-processing for you non geeks but I’m still seriously impressed.

I commented to my friend about the attractiveness a girl and they told me that she was out of my league.  I asked them what was ‘my league?’ and they said they didn’t exactly know, but she was definitely out of it.

Isn’t elevation just relative?  We all measure our altitude as some distance from sea level, but won’t that change as global warming takes off and sea levels rise?  And how will sea depth be adjusted?  That ones probably a bit more obvious but I wonder if people will go around changing the elevation signs for all the mt’s in the world?

I wonder if Benjamin Franklin or George Washington spoke with an English accent.  You may be thinking, ‘but John, they were American’s.’  Well how many generations after the initial colonies do you think it took them to loose the accent and have their own?  I guess we’ll never know, at least till they invent a time machine, stupid lazy scientists…

Holy crap that was long.  I’d apologize but I warned you I was feeling wordy.  Man it’s late too, I’ll try to catch typo’s later (tomorrow), I’m sure there are many.

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