The update

So I tried to fix the spelling where I could but mind you that typing with a cast is tricky so mind me.

So many of you may have heard a bit (about my fall) but don’t know that much about the leading to and post info of my fall so I’ll try to fill you all in. At least I’ll try to fill you in to where I am (what I know), if you know more feel free to share it, I’m especially eager to hear it. I like knowing so I don’t make the same mistakes again.

I was in an accident which was probably no ones fault but my own which may negate the fact that it’s considered an accident, but I don’t think it does. Anyway I was out with friends getting some more saddle time in my new bicycle so that I would find the Seattle To Portland (STP) more comfortable. We were on highway 30 West of Portland which seemed alright since some of them had ridden it before.. Comfort was the main issue since I have no doubt about my ability to cycle all day for the required distance.

Anyway I don’t have any recollection at the moment of the incident or much of the time leading up to it but I’ve been told we were trying to get around this other cyclist and while part of our group chose to merge with traffic and go around that way I chose to go up onto the curb. That’s where I’m told I went up a ramp expecting another ramp going down but ended up going down steps/stairs instead and that’s where I had my crash hitting my head and such. With my mild head injury (I’m told I had a brain bleed) I’m supposed to have mild problems with my short-term memory and I’d guess as much but that includes the actual accident too which may be why I don’t really have any memory of it.

I was in Intensive care for a while at Emmanuel Hospital in Portland but now I’m free of those chains and am at home with the assisted care of my parents (mostly just meals and being driven around since I’m not supposed to drive till cleared for it by the doc).

While I’m thinking of it I’d like to give a huge Shout-Out to all my friends, including those who thought it would be good to visit me in the hospital. I’m glad I can create relationships as close as I have with my friends, you all mean soo much too me and I don’t know what I’d do if you went away. You all are AWESOME and mean nearly everything to me. While I may not remember some of you visiting or some of your visits it’s still huge to me that you came by in the first place and I fully appreciate it.

As for me personally I’m doing alright, I’m fairly together and cept for this cast on one of my arms physically not too bad. As for what went bad with me I think I hurt my head and probably ate asphalt, though its a bit more than probable since I’ve already visited the dentist once. The dentist was fortunately able to fix a bunch but I’ve gotten a few root canals and my front teeth rebuilt where needed so my smile doesn’t look quite as bad as it did after the accident but not the same as before it either. I broke a bone in my left wrist is why I’m wearing a cast on that arm but from my friends I was riding with it sounds like I completely dislocated all my fingers in my other hand so it’s a bit sore to stretch my fingers all the way back in both hands for a bit. Other than some minor scrapage on my left cheek I don’t think there’s anymore physical damage, at least none worth me mentioning or you worrying about. I have a dental appointment to do some touch ups and I’m going to need to see my doctor a couple more times (once for the mental evaluation do determine if I can drive or not and the other figure out if I can lose the cast or not).

I’ve been given some leave from work but I’ve also chosen to take my time and go in for some hours. So I am working but it’s by my choice and it feels good to me, I hate being idle and this isn’t overly physical labor which is good too and it helps financially. I hope I get the pass from the doc too, while you guys visiting me has been great I wouldn’t mind resuming my post of visiting you all and I would like to be self sufficient in the personal mobilization category.

So that’s the gist of my recovery situation and why I think I need to seriously be looking into a dental plan and some health insurance, both of which I had none of and am unfortunately having to pay out of my wallet and bank account for now, which hurts a bit and fewer toys for me for a while. My bike had some minor injuries and is in the shop being repaired right now.

My biggest regret to whatever decision I chose to make that ended me up where I am right now is that I won’t be able to participate in the STP this year. You may be think well that’s for the better but I’ll let you know that this ride was something that I was definitely looking forwards too doing more in a self accomplishment sort of way and I’m sad I’ll be selling my ticket off and missing the fun time I would have had riding with my friends. There are some other rides that I think I’ll be doing in August with them but I was looking forward to the STP, maybe Next year.

This is also sort of disappointing from the standpoint that I just recently bought myself a new road bike which will go largely neglected until I get some recovery in, poor bike. I really dislike spending a bunch of money on new toys that don’t get used, let alone by me.

One amusing point/connection I’m making is I’m not supposed to be driving till cleared by the doc but even though I’m riding I can still recognize many drivers I could be doing better than in my current state. How sad is that? Some drivers need to learn how to drive. Go back to school dude (drivers ed) and get off your phone while you’re at it, you seem to be swerving all over your lane.

No, I have no real plans for the 4th yet but I do have it off work and am open to suggestions. Mat end up going to visit my parents cabin and if you’re interested in doing the same let me know and maybe we can hook something up.

So I really haven’t reviewed this yet so I think it more or less covers the important stuff. any questions feel free to ask and I’ll answer them best I can. The other part that I’m missing are pictures, sorry, I’ll try to get to them tomorrow evening. Thanks for putting up with my rambling and long post.

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