Precursor to a real blog

So I feel I must apologize for putting off the creation of a new blog for so long and thus I will, I’m sorry. While I had created a few blogs over the past few months I decided that they were a bit down to post and looking back on them I’m sure I made the right decision. So where does that leave me? Well I’m not exactly sure but if I had more time I’d fill one out right now. I’ll probably post at least one, maybe two sort of explaining what I’ve been going through and a link for those of you morbidly curious to see the site of my accident and what shape I was in. After I get that out of the way I think they will resume in much the fashion that they had in the past, hopefully more frequently than a 3mo. gap. I should get to the first on Sunday if I don’t get home too late, otherwise Monday it’ll be.

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