My hoovercraft still has eels in it?

If you don’t know, don’t ask.  It’s funnier for the rest of to watch you live in ignorance.

It’s only been two weeks since I relayed the information of what I’ve been up to.  I’m getting better in my diligence but it’s not like you care that much, although if you read this for my constant sense of humor I’ve probably been letting you down.  So where to start?  The holidays?  You mean the ones I didn’t really observe?  Well I guess I did observe others observing so I guess I did celebrate vicariously but that’s about as close as it got.  St Patties day rolled through and I don’t think I even wore green.  I’m not even sure which day it was so I can’t be positive about that though.  I’d probably have been more aware if I had been pinched, but I dodged that bullet.  That or I actually was wearing green and thus avoided it that way.  Easter I did do something, but it wasn’t Easter related at all.  Good Friday was good, but mostly because it was good.

The weekend before past was fairly dry.  Well it wasn’t really that dry, this is Portland in the spring after all and what does it do besides rain?  It does tricks, magic tricks like making the sun disappear right in front of your eyes.  Pretty good trick to hide something that massive.  Anyway, back to the weekend.  I went to the President of the United States of America show.  They did most the stuff off their new album but they did some classics too.  It was fun, but it would have probably been more fun if I went with people.  My sister Karen visited too on her way to Corn Valley.  What else… oh yeah, I had some screener tickets to Drillbit Taylor.  I would tell you how it was but we didn’t get to see it.  Apparently the tickets I was given were good for getting ticket to the movie.  Confused yet?  They gave me tickets for ticket to a movie.  I must not have been the only ones who they gave the tickets to since there was a huge line to get tickets with the tickets.  The line was huge that is until an employee came out and informed us all that they were out of tickets for the movie, so we could go home now.  Sort of a bummer.  Not really sort of, but not much to do about it now.  Besides, from some of the review I picked up on, we didn’t miss much.

This past weekend was much more busy than I had thought it would have been going into it.  I don’t know that I did much Friday, but Saturday morning I got up and biked the 15mi from my house to Hillsboro.  I biked around there for a bit with Josh and then biked over to have lunch with my dad at the CPR.  All in all ~30mi, pretty flat and not strenuous at all so nothing to brag about.  The part that’s annoying is I took a small spill and now have to get my bike repaired again, and it was a pretty lame spill.  It was coincidental that Josie was at the CPR with her parents and Jared having a birthday lunch, so I got to wish her a happy birthday.  I rode home with my dad instead of cycling since I was expecting Adam and Anna and wasn’t sure I’d get there before them otherwise.  We all had fun and I tried my hand at baking a lasagna from scratch.  Well, I bought the noodles and it was vegetarian so most the work was cutting up the veggies, but it was darn delicious.  The downside of it was that I couldn’t find a spinach lasagna noodle so I used fettuccine noddles in their place.  The end result came out more like a casserole but still very tasty.  The next time I do it I think I’m going to make more cheese sauce too.  One thing that surprised me was that it had a spiciness that was very reminiscent of an Italian sausage, but there wasn’t any meat.  That was my fairly full Saturday.

Sunday they went to a service on the east side and afterward we all went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  It was fairly interesting but a touch smaller than I was expecting.  It would probably be a touch more interesting on a weekday while there are people working on the floor, but I don’t really expect them to work on Sunday.  After we gorged ourselves on cheese we went over to Munson Creek Falls which was pretty neat too, but I like water falls.  That pretty much concluded my weekend.

Not really sure what the next few weeks contain for me, but if the weather is decent next weekend I’ll probably be going to Smith Rock with Adam, Anna, and John.  I do need to be going to Seattle to visit my friend(s) up there so I’ll see what I can do about that.  I can smell camping trips upcoming too.  Sort of a smoky smell but brings good memories to mind.

Looking at my notes of stuff I’d like to write about I see something about ladybugs, information hiding, and 53 insane.  I know what I was going to say about the first two, but the 53 insane?  I have no clue what that note is about.  Anyone wanna give me some clues?  I should have more notes but I haven’t been carrying my little pocketbook so many randomnesses have flown out the window to be lost in the abyss FOR-EV-ER.  I’d write about the others but I think my time is up, I’ll get to them soon though.  Same bat-time?  Same bat-channel?  Naw, you can find it all here at your leisure.

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