The whole world loves it when you sing the blues

Been too long again.  I find myself being conundrumic sometimes.  I also find that I can make up somewhat plausible words sometimes.

Anyway, let me count the ways before I forget.  Count the ways?  I’m not sure what I’m talking about.  I’m tired, lets see if I can actually finish this thing before I fall asleep.  It’s going to be difficult, my forehead is already hovering inches above my keyboard.  Maybe if I just set it on the keyboard I can just project my thoughts into it.  That may make typing this up quicker, but if I slip into a dream you may enter my strangeness.  As if I’m not already strange…  Lets try this out  hbnyggggggggggggggggggggg  Nope, that did not work even remotely, but now I’m curious if I can type with my forehead.  I’ve done it with my nose before, but maybe this’ll be a challenge for another day.

Before I get onto another tangent here we go.  Three weekends ago I went and hung out with the Radisys crew and played some poker.  In general I don’t really have a problem with poker but Texas Hold’em isn’t my choice of game.  I have some fairly specific reasons for that, which I may go into later but not now.  Either way I still played and hung out and it was fun.  The following morning I went up Mt Hood with Thomas and Simon and continued my learning of the art of snowboarding.  I’m doing alright I think but that day the snow was really hard pack.  I actually called my day short since I was in so much pain when I fell.  It took close to a week point five but my bumm and knees feel much better now.  By the sound of it Josie and Jared and I may be going up some more before this season ends, but the end is coming quick so we’ll see.

Last weekend I don’t remember doing much other than some minor car maintenance stuff which probably means I did a holatanata, but that’s how it goes sometimes.  Thursday I hung out with Becky and her friends playing a trivia night at a bar, I won a pint glass.  This weekend started with a Catan night out at Eric’s.  Today I donated blood, did some cleaning, and shopped at REI.  I love that store but maybe I should start watching how much I’m spending there, I spent close to 3k there in 2007.  All my toys are soo beautiful and get used relatively frequently though, so I think I can justify it.

Let’s see, what else… my car needs some help and I’m paying for it.  I’ve finally gotten fed up with my cd deck’s issues and ordered a replacement.  It’s pretty pimp if you ask me, but what do I know.  I ordered it the Friday before past and I got the email confirmation + tracking number informing me of it’s travel across America.  Unfortunately it didn’t tell me that the actual unit is on backorder and all they sent was the stuff I’ll need to hook it up.  Why bother sending me that stuff without the unit?  And is it too difficult to let me know the unit isn’t in the box in some fashion other than a note in the box?  Meh, I was excited to hook that up but now I’m waiting.  My car is also due for new suspension and brakes, so I’m having that done on Monday.  It’ll be interesting working that around work but I’m sure my bike will be involved, plus it gives me an opportunity to try out some of my new toys.

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