Small snacks spaced sequentially

Let’s see how quick I can do this, pics at the bottom but you have to read everything to get there, mwahahaha.

Last weekend was full, fun but full.  Ate dinner with mah mom then hung out with JC and friends Friday evening.  Saturday morning I went and donated blood, but did the double red donation instead of your standard whole blood.  That was an interesting process, they stick you and your blood drains out to a machine where you can see your blood separated into two bags, one of your red blood cells and one of your plasma/platelets (or as the nurse called it, pale ale).  Once they take so much (I assume a pint) then the machine reverses, returning the pale ale to your blood stream.  This is a little strange feeling since the bag was at room temperature and so it feels a little cool as it goes back in.  Once that’s done the process repeats.  One benefit of this is that I only get to donate half as often, so I can spend a full weekend doing other things.  Moving on to the rest of the day, I had lunch with my sis and Ellen, then packed and drove down to Corvallis for Becky’s going away party.  We all had fun.  Sunday we went up and played in the Santiam river for a bit, but I had to leave early.  I went from the water, put on dry nice clothes, and was at Mark’s wedding in about 20 min.  The timing couldn’t have been much better.  Nice wedding, but thus concluded my weekend.

On our way home we hit some ridiculous traffic on I-5.  After a bit I noticed that while we were moving slow, we were at least moving but there were zero cars traveling the other direction.  We got to the accident which was on the south bound side on the other side of the median.  There’d be no excuse for the rubber necking to be that bad if I didn’t find out later that a life-flight had landed on the highway.  I guess I can understand people slowing down to watch a helicopter land on the highway.

Anyway, this weekend I’m not traveling anywhere but it has the possibility of being pretty full.  Friday there may be a wurst night and it’s hard to say no to good food and friends.  Saturday are the Portland Highland Games and some of us may be going to that, which I’m sure will be a hoot.  Then Sunday my friend George would like to try a bit of rock climbing so we’ll probably go do that.

You know, I try not to be too much of a planner but sometimes it’s hard to get away from it.  Weekend after this is Derek’s bday so I’ll be traveling south for that making a quick stop at Becky’s official going away party.  Weekend after that is Flugtag and I really want to go to that regardless of the huge crowd I’m expecting.  Then the weekend after that JC is talking about maybe a rafting trip and the Portland bridge pedal.  On the 14th the Squirrel Nut Zippers will be in town.  I don’t know for sure that I’ll be going to that show but I think it’d be a fun one to go to.  So those are the plans I’m looking at and it’s looking like a good but full month ahead of me.

My poor sister, I had mentioned that her fish had died over the 4th weekend?  Well my other sis and mom had gone out and gotten her another fish + tank and plants for it.  Well it must have had a death wish because she found it at the bottom of the tank, under the rock, dead.  It had somehow managed to bury itself and get stuck so it couldn’t breath.  That’s harsh, two fish in just a couple weeks, neither of which were her fault.  I guess if I was stuck in a small glass tank filled with water, I may drown too.

Moving on to cheerier subjects, did you know that there is nothing I do by accident, everything is done purposefully.  If whatever I did has an undesirable effect, I apologize and claim that it was an accident, but I know secretly that I did it on purpose.  I guess it’s not much of a secret now though.  It’s like, remember that one time where I blew out the sun?  I claimed it was an accident, apologized to the world profusely, and reignited it.  Well, that was all a ruse, I did it on purpose.  The more I think about it, you shouldn’t remember any of it since after I re-lit the sun I build a planetary forget-ray and used it to erase those events from your memory.  Well, at this point you may be going ‘AH-HA, you accidentally just told us about what you had made us forget.’  Did you ever think that I had done that on purpose just to check that my forget-ray had worked?  I didn’t think so.  Who’s going to believe such a crazy story anyway?  My plan is perfect.

I have more thoughts than time to put down everything I’d like, but I got most the timely items, so here’s a couple pics followed by a final thought.

We occasionally have this college kid come in to do whatever type work in the office and he saw my grapefruits by my desk.  Well he asked if he could draw on them.  I said sure, why not.  I was expecting something like a pair of eyes staring at me for the rest of the day but not this.

That’s one of your future fire fighters at work.

When we visited my parents for the 4th, the cicada’s were hatching and I got this shot of one molting.

You know, I think the person who makes me smile most often is myself.  Of course that may have something to do with the neural connections between my brain and my facial muscles.

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