March of the Pinks Ones

So after reading a certain number of these you may start to think that I’m a bit conceded.  For the most part all I do is talk about myself.  Occasionally I do talk about other things I find interesting but mostly it’s about me.  I could talk about stuff that you find more interesting but the way I figure it you come here to hear about me.  So I’m fully justified covering the subject of me and not conceded.  Well, maybe I am a bit.

This past weekend I went up to Washington with my dad to do stuff with him and his friends but for a specific reason I came back early.  The reason is pretty lame but it’s the law, so I ended up just spending Saturday hiking with them and going back to Portland on Sunday morning.  Kind of disappointing but not much could be done about it at the time.

Today we got a fair amount of snow (I like thnow) and I didn’t go into work.  I feel a bit bad about missing so much work.  I think I’ve missed time from every week for the past month or two.  I could also rant about all the idiot drivers and kids playing in the middle of the road as cars are trying to drive past, but I think you get the idea so I won’t waste any more of your time on it.

We did build an igloo though, I was going to take a pic but forgot and by the time I came back with the camera idiot kids had kicked the whole thing in.  Jerks.

The construction across the street has been halted, something about the site plans haven’t been approved.  I find it amusing.  I’m still sleeping on my sisters floor though, it’s darker in there in the morning.

I also have my new fiber internet installed, I won’t gloat too much but it’s pretty awesome.  I can dl big stuff at ridiculous rates and not feel bad for buggering my neighbors (NOT in the biblical sense you perverts).

I’ve been kind of on a movie binge as of recently, which include:
 –Lady in the Water
 –The Covenant
 –The Decent
 –Little Miss Sunshine
 –The Illusionist
 –My Super Ex-Girlfriend
I know, I’m a bad horror movie junkie.  They don’t really scare me but I still find them entertaining to some degree.  Out of that list I’d recommends Lady in the Water and Little Miss Sunshine.  Pulse was very well executed and The Illusionist was alright but predictable.  The others were just blah or lame and wouldn’t recommend you spend money to see it, wait for someone else to.

As of a while ago I plan to go to Seattle this weekend and visit friends.  Should be entertaining if nothing else.  My travel plans depend on the weather willing though.  With all this snow and maybe freezing rain I may end up sitting at home.

I need to get down to Eugene and visit other friends.  I think I’ll do that in February though, I’m kinda booked for the rest of January I think.

People have asked me my New Years Resolutions.  I don’t have any.  I could make some but I know that they won’t get accomplished on purpose.  I find that I lack motivation in life.  I don’t know for sure whether I’m a pessimist or a realist, either way there’s still water in the glass and the only thing I can do to change that is to spill it or drink it.  I guess I could allow it to evaporate but I think I’d get bored of watching it and resort to one of the other options.

In my last post there’s a picture of a cat on the step.  Our (my parents) white cat (Cleo) has passed away this holiday season and we went out and adopted a new one; after a proper grieving period that is.  His name is Jack and he’s getting along fine.

Being sick sucks, not that I’m sick or anything.  I just want to point out the obvious.

I wonder if clouds feel as good about raining when they drop a huge load as I do about peeing in the morning.  It is rather satisfying but I think you already knew that.

I keep a miniature notebook in my pocket for various notes.  Especially for when I have those oft moments of brilliance.  Unfortunately some of my greatest ones occur while I don’t have it on me, like when I’m falling asleep.  Of those lost all I can remember is that they were great and I wanted to share them.  Sometimes I can remember the gist of the thought, but it’s still not quite as excellent as the original.

I’m pretty sure I have an addictive personality.  Fortunately my ADD offsets it.  I’ll be hooked strongly to things for 5min at a time before I move onto the next one.  It’s kinda fun, but I have many unfinished projects.

I should take a typing class.  I’m not a touch typer but I wouldn’t really call myself a hunt-and-pecker.  I despise being called a pecker.  I know where all the keys are for the most part but I have no form, so when I type without looking at the keyboard it takes much longer than it should.  I can type faster with one hand while looking at the keyboard than I can while touch-typing.  Then again, I can type fairly fast one handed.  Maybe I should try out one of those one handed keyboards, they’re kinda neat.  The biggest problem I have with not being a touch typer is that I usually have to stop after ever sentence or so to correct any typo’s which may have slipped in.  I would learn a Dvorák keyboard but that’d probably just mess with me.  Then again there’s pretty good research out there that shows that type of exercise is pretty good for developing new brain paths and keeping your mind sharp.

I need to go to bed earlier.  I like sleep so much I have a hard time getting up in the morn so naturally I’d think going to bed earlier would be the obvious answer.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out like that.

I have some good theoretical thoughts I was going to share but this post ended up long than anticipated so it’ll get pushed out.  It’s somewhat interesting stuff to think about.  It quantifies infinity or brings perspective to the finite limits of our creativity.

I want to do some stuff with pi too that may or may not be neat/interesting, I need to figure out some file formats and how to script what I need properly but I think I have the basics down.  I just need to sit down and do it.  I’ll share when I do it.

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