My own personal hot zone

I have fallen ill, been ill today and yesterday coughing and snurping. I’m somewhat opposed to filling my body with synthetic chemicals to alleviate the symptoms or generally make me better so I’m letting my body do it’s thing and run it’s course. In general I don’t mind being sick, just the fever chills get a bit anoying after a while. I do help my body fight though by modifying my diet to something heavy in antioxidants and vitamin C with the hopes of shortening my down time and general miserableness.

When I do take medication though I swear my undying fealty to Ny/DayQuil. To bad I can’t stock up on the stuff without being put on some meth watch list. I’m about to resort to this option so I can be better tomorrow and I’m running a slight fever right now (slightly above 100).

The reason I want better now? Well as you may or may not know, tomorrow is my birthday and my dad is taking me out for a pleasant dinner so it’d be nice if I could go and not infect everyone else there. I’m sure they appreciate my intentions as well.

Normally I don’t announce my birthday since I don’t like bringing that type of attention to myself. Not that I mind the attention if you remember, I just don’t want you to feel obligated to say something because I said something like, “you know what today is? It’s my birthday! Happy Birthday to me. Why the hell did I have to remind you? Some friend you are!” Then you go home sad and maybe cry in your pillow, or I do. Eitherway it’s not good karma. So instead I don’t expect anyone to remember and am pleasantly suprised when they do.

So anyway my dad is coming down to Portland to treat me to a dinner. My sis Jen might be there but mom and Karen won’t be, They’ve gone to Tuscon for a gem show. Now before you call them and tell them how they’re such horrible people let me inform you that they’re going to make it up to me at a later date (Feb 5th). They feel bad enough as is without your help I’m sure. I just have to exercise my patience and wait till then to get whatever gift they may bestow upon me.

This past weekend I drove up to Seattle to visit my friend Brian. I demoed my Wii, we went skiing Saturday followed by an evening hockey game between the Portland Winterhawks and the Seattle Thunderbirds (we lost by one point but it was a good game), and Sunday he took me on a tour of his property and we played with the chainsaw. All in all a fun time. I’d say more but I think the nyquil’s starting to kick in.

I did get pulled over driving home through (I was speeding through Seattle) but I talked my way out of the ticket and got away with a warning. Crying, showing a bit of leg and my cleavage might have helped too, but I suspect not.

I’ve been very productive this week too, abnormally so. I’ve gotten sooo much done and it feels good. It’s too bad this illness has stopped it like a cow being hit by a semi on the freeway. Mmmmm, beef.

And on that mental image I’m off to bed, pictures will be posted at a later date, probably this weekend.

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