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Am I a bit bored?  Why yes, yes I am.  Sorry but this is going to be a long post, partly because it’s been a while since the last and partly because I have many vague random thoughts.  I HAVE TO GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD BEFORE IT EXPLODES!  That’s about all the drama I have in me at the moment so it’s good to get that out of the way too.

Apparently in my last post I promised some thing that I didn’t follow through on.  I may be mistaken, I’m too lazy to actually read what I wrote there (even though it’s right below this one) so I’m going purely based on my memory of what I wrote there.  Either way I apologize for my tardiness and anything that gets repeated.

Going way back, went to Disneyland some MONTHS ago.  It was great, 5 day vacation after Thanksgiving weekend and 3 days in the park.  We hit both the standard (I don’t know if it’s called something special or not) and the California Adventure.  I seriously believe we rode just about every ride that’s there at least once and a few several times more than once.  Memorable points were the Tower of Terror, chat with Crush live, Splash and Space Mountain (so many times), and general merriment had as a group.  Downsides: we walked sooo much, everyday was slower and slower, LA traffic blows, we lost a ticket the first day.

About the lost ticket.  I don’t know how many of you have been to Disneyland relatively recently but the implemented this thing called FastPass.  The whole concept is very good and well done.  The bad part of it though is that it involves you pulling out your entry pass to scan leaving ample opportunities for something to go awry.  Specifically what happened to us was we all gave our tickets to one person to get our fastpasses while the rest got in line somewhere else (or generally did something else).  Somewhere between getting the passes and distributing them back to us with our park tickets one was lost.  So we go check everywhere we imagined it could be and left a number with lost and found in case it’s found.  Long story short, we ended up buying a new ticket.

What really pisses me off about the whole situation is that the entry to the parks are all electronic, you have to scan the ticket (bar code) to get in.  We knew our missing tickets number and told the park that it was missing.  It shouldn’t be difficult for the park to tell if it’s used again since their system is scanning the thing.  On top of that it gets scanned every time someone uses it for a FastPass.  The way I see it they should be able to track the thing or cancel it if they so desire.  So why not cancel the ticket, issue us a new one, and nail the bugger that was using a free (to them) ticket.  The only reason I can see for them to not do this is that it forces us to buy a new ticket which is more money for them.  Bastards.  Outside that, I had a good trip.

Moving forward, Christmas was good.  Games were played, gifts were given.  I got some awesome stuff.  Everyone was there except Karen and Jared who were with his family.

Everyone I promised fudge to I need to apologize since it’s not made yet.  Dad seems to have been traveling with the cooking supplies which makes it hard for me to do it on my schedule.  Also when he’s around we’ve been doing other stuff in the evening so I haven’t really had a good opportunity to do it yet.  If you don’t mind waiting for it it’ll come eventually, unless I decide that no one really wants it and I don’t actually make it.

New Years was good too.  Not everyone I invited up could make it but Josie and Jared did and I think they had a good time.  Karen invited a whole group of her friends but most backed out which kinda sucks.  There was snow, games, quads, fireworks, booze, and food.  What more could you ask for.

Hmmmm, what else….  I really couldn’t find anyone to go snowboarding with (I’ve never been) so I took the ski bus to meadows by myself to give it a go.  Kinda sucked cause we got there a bit late and I missed the lesson and the next one was 3 hours later with the bus leaving 3 hours after that.  So I spent the 3 hours waiting for the lesson trying to teach myself by watching others and using the tow rope as many times as I could.  Having someone tell you the way it works is sooooo much easier, the class was decent and I think I have the basics down.  Bad weather/timing/planning has kept me from going back up, but I will be soon.  The idea is to give it a few more tries before I give it up and stick with skiing.

Chris had a birthday and we all went go-karting followed by Chevy’s and fun at his house.  I went to the theater with some friends and saw Night at the Museum.  It’s a pretty good movie, I’d recommend it.  Took some time off from work to watch the Beaver’s bowl game with Jared and Celia, it was awesome.  Also went to Oaks Park for the first time and roller bladed for a while, I got nice blisters out of it.  All of these events were on separate weekends and are in no way related to each other.

They finally decided to actually build something across the street from our house.  I think it’s going to be house personally, but my alter-ego isn’t quite sure.  What does this mean though?  Well besides no longer being able to pick berries there in the summer, park on that side of the road when our driveway is full, and me listening to the creek while I fall asleep; I’m woken every morning by the sounds of them using the backhoe or cutting rebar.  Yay for me.  Also it’s seems like there’s only two or three guys (yeah I just spelled those out) guys working for only a couple hours in the morning, so this is going to be a theme for quite some time I fear.  Fortunately I live in a reasonably sized building and have relocated my sleeping space to another room.  I love sleeping on floors, but my back is starting to argue against that so I may need to move my futon mattress into there.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, now on to what I’ve been thinking.

My internet sucks.  It’s not that it’s particularly slow or anything, it’s just inconsistent.  I don’t think I have any particular rights to complain about anything that I’m getting free (Byarrrggg!), but I’m going to any way.  They have an old saying about a horse and it’s mouth, something about feeding it carrots vs sugar cubes I think.  Either way I think I’m going to pony up (hehehe, horsies) and (gasp!) actually pay for some internets.  I read somewhere that they ship them directly to your place of residence.  You have to be careful that it doesn’t back up though, or you might as well be living at the bottom of the outhouse down the street.  You know the one I’m talking about…. yeah, that one…  Isn’t it gross?

What was I talking about, oh yeah… I don’t know what I’ve changed in the diet but the last few days I’ve had a twitchy thumb, a bit annoying.

What makes it hard to find a cute (at least to me) nice girl for me to be with AND have her be single.  Are my tastes in women really that universal?  Probably.  Women are awesome, my ethics just make me distance myself from nearly 90% of them I figure.  That means that nine out of every ten I meet I detach myself emotionally from and the other one I’m usually not that into.  I also have that whole ‘I don’t really touch people’ thing.  Don’t believe me?  Watch me in a crowd sometime and check out how often I actually touch someone, it’s incredible.  And it’s not even like I don’t like it or I’m afraid of germs or something like that, I’m a very tactile person, I think I just don’t want to be inappropriate.  It’s all messed up, or I am.

Which bring me to my next thought, why don’t many of my friends initiate hanging out with me?  Is it just the personality types of the people I choose to hang out with or do I stink?  They also rarely come to my place, I almost always end up at there’s but maybe that’s just me being starved for attention.  Jared calls me a social butterfly, I don’t think I qualify for that, but I do enjoy hanging out with others.

Man, I must sound so insecure/neurotic which I may be but this is just the extreme of where my mind goes so it sticks the hardest and ends up here since everything else is forgotten.

I wonder what makes a person believe that by depriving themselves of something they’d enjoy that they’ll be able to get even at someone.  Of course I’m talking about myself but I seem to notice this behavior in others as well.  I mean really, are we all that petty?

I hate it when there’s something you desire but there’s enough background surrounding it to make you not get it it no matter how much you want it.  This applies to sooo many things, take from it what you want.

We have digital images and video, stuff some artist uses as their medium to create what they want.  I wonder why we don’t apply this to audio in movies as well?  I’m sure they do on some scale but not like a feature length motion picture where all the sounds including dialogs are digitally generated.  Could you imagine completely removing actors from the movie?  I think comparing the audio to the visual isn’t a good analogy since the video is a series of static images whereas I don’t know that you can really make audio dynamic.  It’s kind of against it’s nature as a wave.  A static wave is just a point or solid or something.  Might as well be that three week old dead baby in the corner, just doesn’t do anything except maybe stink.  I’m sure those guys that simulate the sounds of someones head being crushed by smacking a melon with a hammer are fairly secure in their future business but who know, I may come up with something to put them out of business.  I’m just kidding, I’d never be that mean.  They’re cool, even if I can’t remember what they’re (job) called.

There’s an old (I think) saying about things that don’t keep adjusting/adapting/evolving become stagnant and die eventually.  Maybe it’s time for me to make some changes.

Man, this blog is a beast.  It goes GRRRRRRR! and looks ferocious but really it’s like a big (really big and wordy) kitten.  If you made it this far I congratulate you.  And pictures to follow.

You should hear my inner-monologue sometime.  If you listen carefully you can catch it screaming sometimes, well I do at least.  Oh, and I’m the very model of a modern major-general.

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