It’s been a while, eh?  There’s much to say as a result so bear with me.

Just because I don’t put anything here doesn’t mean it isn’t written.  Since I don’t feel like rewriting it so it’s more time correct, here’s what I wrote on Valentines Day:

Today is hump day, and not just because it’s Wednesday but because it’s VD day too.  I wonder how many babies are put into production annually this day.

Speaking of babies, I also wonder if they are aware of their own blind spots.  I would imagine that’d be a bit disconcerting, you come from a world of darkness into the light… except for those two obnoxious spots to constantly remind you of your imprisonment.

I spent the past two weekends traveling and the weekend before that doing absolutely nothing.  By nothing I mean I ate, slept, and watched a lot of TV without so much as leaving my house.  I feel obligated to inform you that TV’s aren’t very tasty though, they have a kind of metallic flavor.  I’m not sure on how one would sleep a TV either, but I’m sure I did do that.  I don’t think I even communicated with anyone.  This binge of inactivity and isolation happened after helping Josie move into her new place and playing some games afterwards, so the weekend wasn’t a complete waste.

The weekend after I carpooled down to Eugene on Saturday and hung out with the locals, mainly George, Jen, and their little one. Then I hopped a ride on Sunday to spend super bowl with my sister where we had some fun. 

Monday was interesting.  Before my mom and Karen left for Tuscon they asked that I take that Monday off from work so we could have a family day to celebrate my birthday, I happily obliged.  I spent the morning frisbee golfing with Jared and the afternoon celebrating my surprise birthday party.  Seriously, I had no clue that that was their plan the whole time but it was cool seeing friends show up and hang out.  Oh, the gifts were cool too.  I now have a PS2 for me to play my Guitar Hero 2 so I don’t have to borrow others.  The game is also a good source of reaffirmation since it constantly informs me of how much I rock.  I also acquired a game for my Wii from JC and Josie.  It’s random and crazy awesome, some of the best features possible.  ADHD imported straight from Japan.

Last weekend was Mel’s birthday so I traveled down to Eugene again for the weekend.  Games were played, gifts given, food and treats consumed, people seen.  It was one weekend long birthday celebration.  I don’t know that it could have been much better, except if Derek had been in better health.

This year we get to see the results of some law that was passed back in 2005.  This law adds about a month extra to DST starting it three weeks earlier and ending one week later.  Canada has decided to follow our rule change but most the rest of the world isn’t.  This doesn’t affect me much with all the international business I do but it may screw others.

So that’s what was, here’s some more.  Weekend of the 17th I went over to Josie’s place and we broke out the Wii, I think we all had fun.  The next day was real nice so I dusted off my bike and went riding, ended up going to Hillsboro from our house and about an hour and a half.  I was at a fairly leisurely pace but it was still good.

The past couple weekends I think I didn’t do much, or if I did something it wasn’t very interesting, at least not interesting enough for me to remember.  I did go up to the Ape Caves this past Sunday.  A nice hike through the snow to get to the caves (snowshoes would have been a good idea) but they were none-the-less interesting.

Now, to the future!  No we aren’t going there… yet.  I think I’m going to go down to Eugene this weekend, I hear there’s a new theater opening up for cheap tickets.  If they’re showing 300 I’m totally going to see it.  If they’re not showing it, then maybe I’ll just have to somewhere else.  Either way I’m totally going to see it.

I’m kinda making plans for the weekend past that but they’re still very floaty so I won’t share them as yet.  I have several options but I have a feeling I’m going to stay local for whatever I do.

Onto the sillyness and random information portion of this.

So a while ago they discovered an interesting security flaw within MS Vista.  Apparently Vista has the ability to recognize voice commands and if you play a malicious sound file that your mic picks up, it can do bad things.  Understand?  Don’t worry about it, Microsoft had deemed it as a very low security risk.

I was working on a scope the other day and while reading through the manual I noticed this warning:
Do Not Operate in Explosive Atmospheres
The digitizing oscilloscope provides no explosion protection from static discharges or arcing components.  Do not operate the oscilloscope in an atmosphere of explosive gases.

This kinda concerns me for no apparent reason.  I also wonder how often this is an issue.  Also how often people work in explosive atmospheres interests me.

If you’re not familiar with ninjas, you can ask this one questions.  Quite informative and entertaining at the same time.  That link comes with a high recommendation rating, as if that means anything.

I have more but I think I’ll save it for another time.  Now for pictures.  Or, there would be pictures but my camera won’t sync so probably later.  You can expect more timely posts again too, that is if people still read this.

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