The decisions I make

So obviously I didn’t make the post I had intended last week, but you know what I did make?  Poop, and lots of it.

Moving on…

Friday before last I went to a game night, twas fun.  Played a new card game, bought my own copy of it the next day.  The game’s good but you have to pay attention, it doesn’t work well in a drunken crowd.  I then went to Eugene  to hang out and see that movie that I want to see, can you remember which one?  If you guess 300 you’re right, here’s a cookie.  But wait, I said ‘want to see,’ does that mean I didn’t see it yet?  Nope, for various reasons I haven’t seen it yet, but I still want to.  If you want to see it to you should drop me a line, I’ll drop everything (including the baby) and go see it with you.  Anyway, we still had fun and watched Babel instead.  Interesting movie, seems to me to be mostly about the absolutely retarded decisions we make.  The more I think about it the more I recognize this sort of decision making process in my life.  Not necessarily ones being made by me, but by those around me too.  Went home Sunday, twas fun, errr, not really.

Went to Modest Mouse Wednesday with Josie and Jared, it rocked, the opening band didn’t.  They kinda did the opposite of rocking, mudding maybe?  But less fun than normal mudding.  The last boulder joust was on Monday.  That’s about all I did last week, pretty exciting life eh?  I don’t know how I even survive.

Was going to go hiking on Saturday but that got pushed back to Sunday and the location moved a bit closer to the ocean.  I love the ocean, it’s all blue and wet and full of water and dolphins.  The ocean rocks… they’re hard and often smooth.  See what I did there, I’m just soo clever.  It’s a wonder you can even stand to be seen with me, I just outshine everyone.  It’s alright though, I’m sure someone will notice you eventually, even slugs get noticed.  It’s also a wonder you’re still reading this and I know you are, at least every third word but you’ll keep reading and I’ll keep typing.  Wow did I go off topic there.

Since I didn’t go hiking or climbing on Saturday I went out with people to the Dublin pub for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  I was pretty cool, took a bit to get inside but it was relatively chill, for a Irish pub on their holiday that is.  I don’t think I started any fights either, aren’t you proud of me?  The evening ended with us going to karaoke.  I thought about singing but I figure everyone else would appreciate not having bleeding ears, so I refrained.  We still had a blast though, I have awesome friends and their friends are usually pretty awesome too. 

Went hiking Sunday morning-ish after some drama.  It was wet, sort of cold, kind of windy, definitely muddy, and the view was fogged up, but in good company you really don’t care that much.  I at least had my hiking boots on so most the elements didn’t bother me but you can see in the pics why boots may have been a beter choice for one of the others.

I don’t think I’m doing much this week but things happen, decisions make, may end up spur of the moment doing something. You’ll probably read about it after the fact but I’m sure it’ll end up here.0

Onto the randomness…

You may or may not remember that my Wii has a slight visual problem.  It can’t legally drive without corrective lenses (I don’t think it’d do much better with them either though) but it also makes green squares on my screen when it isn’t supposed to.  It’s not a major problem but is a bit annoying.  So why haven’t I exercised the warranty yet?  Well because that’d mean I’d be without my system for two weeks minimum and I don’t know that I could survive that.  I love my Wii, if it was a hot babe I’d totally marry it.  I wouldn’t give up my wii for the world, well maybe the world.  Meh, lets get real, I’d give it up for Australia, If they threw in New Zealand I think I could part with Zelda.  But NOT FOR ANYTHING LESS!  Cept maybe a date with a hot chick who I actually had a chance with, but that’s a different matter.

Today I taught my body to photosynthesize.  It was quite the experience.  I sat down with it and we had a lengthy discussion, and many diagrams were drawn.  You can’t hope to accomplish something of this magnitude without a few diagrams and let me tell you, there were quite a few.  I’m fairly confident that by the end we had come to an understanding and it has a full grasp of what needs to be done and how to go about it.  We haven’t quite entered the testing phase but it assures me that there should have no problems and is fairly confident in the rudimentary experience it has gained with all the time I sit around and vegging.  Only time will tell… well that and some sunlight, it’s a bit crucial in the process.
Sometimes I use the ‘…’ to control the flow of what you’re reading.  Often I think the whole (dot)(dot)(dot) thing doesn’t really accentuate the pause, it just makes me seem like a larger idiot than I really am.  Or it makes you see the real idiot I am.  Maybe I’m just a moron though, you ever think of that?  I think I’ll just settle on dork, but you can still call me weird.  Yeah, I’m wondering where I’m going with this too, you’re not the only one lost.

Now for the picture section of the show followed by a short intermission and you either closing your browser window or going to another web page.  I’ll let you make that decision, I can’t do everything for you.

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