Heavy scythe

So I happen to big a big fat liar.  Well not that big.  The more I think about it I’m probably not that fat either.  Of course this denial could just be an extension of my LIES but will you ever know?  Probably not.

I said I’d get a bit into the grittiness of my accident before resuming my regularly irregular thoughts but at the moment I’m in a pretty good mood.  Because of this I’ll avoid being depressing at the moment other than a brief recap of what I’ve been up to, shouldn’t be too much of a downer though.  My thoughts have a tendency sometimes to be fairly persistent so I’ll need to reread some stuff to avoid repeating myself.  Seriously, if people have a hard enough time listing to me the first time I say something, it’s got to be downright painful to hear it the second time.

Let’s see, it’s been nearly a quarter of the year since my last good post so I’ll probably be missing a few things but hopefully it won’t be too much or important. Looking at what I’ve typed so far it appears I’ve wrote an intro for a few different posts I’ve missed .

 I’ve been fairly social and hanging out with those I can.  Went to Eugene for Derek’s birthday, and a Shiny Toy Guns concert on separate weekends, both were a blast.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few other birthdays but I’ve tried to at least wish people well as they happen.  If I missed yours, I’m sorry and CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT ANOTHER YEAR!!! 🙂  Went to the beach with Jared, Josie, Heidi, and a couple dogs; fun was had by all.  I still had my cast on so I couldn’t play in the water, but it’s the Oregon coast so I’m sure I didn’t miss too much other than maybe a jellyfish sting.  I’m sure I’ll survive but I was really looking forward to that experience.  Been biking and climbing, don’t know if I mentioned it already but I did the Portland Bridge Pedal a bit ago.  I’m planning on doing the STP next year but I think I’ll be a bit safer when I get around to training for that.  Been out to Smith Rock with Adam and Anna and their friend, still can’t climb as well as before my fall but working on that and in the meantime can climb reasonably well.  We were going to go up monkey face but we had a slight accident and their friend cut her hand so we climbed easy stuff the rest of the day.  Fortunately it wasn’t too bad of an injury and  towards the end of the trip.

What else…  Jared has started up a group get together that happens every week or so, it’s a good way to be social and have some fun doing it.  The first was a game night at my place, then there was something at Josie’s I had to miss and I think they brewed beer at another’s on another night.  Then I think we had a dinner party out in Banks and a Big Lebowski night the following week.  There was a dim sum in there somewhere, either way it’s excellent company and hard to go wrong with, no matter what we end up doing.  I think we’re going to have a pumpkin carving night here in the near future too.  Smaller group of us watched Cars and picked hops, we’ll see how those turn out in beer on a later date.  That night Jared and I both proved that yes, we can in fact fit through a dog door.  All you doubters can doubt but maybe I’ll link Jared’s photo, then you’ll either believe or be impressed by my photoshop skills, either way its a win for me.  A few of us went to a corn maze the other night too, was fun.

My sister visited the other night to assist with the evacuation of my other sister from the premises.  Karen, her friend Isaac, and I went to a screening of the movie The Darjeeling Limited which we all enjoyed.  I’d recommend seeing it if you’re into indie films with the type of dryish humor I like.  I think the humor is fairly universal though.  Going back to evacuation, Jen has moved out this past week so I have the house to myself once again.

Loking forward to the future… lets see…  I got more screener passes for Thursday so I may go see another movie on Thursday.  Halloween is coming up, I don’t have the costume I wanted but I think I’ll make do.  There’s something happening on the 20th I believe I’m going to but maybe I should verify, probably closer to when it happens.  Cycling season is coming to a close but that means snow sports are coming up so we’ll see where I can get in on that.  My time has been feeling a bit compressed recently but I think I can deal with it.  I think I may go to the Feist concert coming up but not sure.  You may recognize the song 1234 on their site from a ipod ad, or My Moon My Man gets some air time on the type of station I listen to.  If you or know of someone interested let me know, maybe we can for a group.  I don’t know how the seating works though, I’ve never been where it is.

It’s getting late and I should be getting ready for bed and I think this post has met the length requirements for being a suitable post so here’s my final though.  Math shouldn’t be so hard for everyone, we all know it.  Hell, if you couldn’t multiply and divide while you were just cells in your mothers womb you shouldn’t exist.  Of course this doesn’t apply for all you freaks born in a laboratory, you have your own sort of math, but you can figure it out so it’s all good.

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