Gettin’ stuff done

Holy crap, I need to stop doing that.  It’s time for me to finally sit down, take some time, and actually get some stuff done.  This is going to be a long one I think.

Continuing on, places I’ve been and things I’ve been up to.  Coincidentally they both happen to be the same thing.  Well, depending on the time of day I guess, and maybe your definition of ‘up’.  What am I talking about?  Well, my trip to Mars, DUH!  Oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet, at least that I’m aware of… I could be there right now living some fabricated life invented by Martians.  Don’t tell me you haven’t considered that possibility before cause I know you have.  So if we’re all really on Mars I’d think I’d not be very ‘up’, would I?

Enough weirdness for now, maybe more later.  It’s hard for me to predict since most my thoughts are a spur of the moment thing and when they happen while I’m typing, who knows what’ll end up here.  Usually I can remember the thoughts I have throughout the day and they get filtered and organized before making their way here, but a lucky few go straight here for your amusement.

That brings about an amusing anecdote I feel like sharing. I went onto one of these odd rants before and was asked if I was tripping and what was I on?  Of course, being the smart-a I am, my answer was along the lines of, ‘I’m on a chair and it’s kind of hard to trip when you’re just sitting.’

Moving on to the stuff I’ve been doing during the blog’s intermission.  The weekend before Halloween I went to a Halloween party with Josie, Jared, and Heidi.  It was a lot of fun and I wasn’t too out of place since I knew a comfortable amount of people there from Jared’s work/school.  The following morning, after some minor drama with Josie’s car (it has a weird battery), I went with Jared and Josie to see Cabaret after brunch.  All compliments of Josie’s boss which I appreciate.  Good brunch and a pretty good show.  I did enjoy it and the singers all had great voices but the story itself seemed a little makeshift and the ending I felt was a bit abrupt.  I’m sure I know of better ways to describe it but the words are lacking at the moment.  If it sounds like the show wasn’t that good, I’d beg to differ and recommend you see it, I did enjoy myself.  Another point of interest is that after the show we saw Woody Harrelson, apparently he has a place in Portland or something.

We’ve had some fairly decent weather on the weekends so I raked the yard and man did it need it.  It’s sort of ridiculous the quantity of leaves I acquired from the backyard but whatever, it’s done, though more have proceeded to accumulate back there since then and the weather turned wet. 

The following weekend Jared went to California, so I got the honor of being the first leg of the Brody relay.  I think it went alright, but he may have something different to say. I also got into a baking frenzy and baked like a madman.  Lots of deserts to go around.  Went that weekend to Corvallis to visit some of my friends and celebrate Anna’s birthday.

Last weekend I did absolutely nothing other than have lunch with a friend on Saturday.  If I was smart I would have done more cycling and cleaned the house in prep for Thanksgiving, but alas, I’m unfortunately stupid.  Oh well, not much to be done about that.

Moving on, Turkey Day is coming up and by the sound of it we’re going to be having quite the gathering, hence why I should be cleaning.  Birthdays are coming up and then it’ll be Christmas.  I need to figure out s’more gifts but I think I’ll have a handle on it.  Or maybe they’ll have handles, we’ll just have to wait and see.  One thing I really hate is for some people I had great ideas for gifts but before I have the chance to acquire them I forget what I wanted to get them.  So they end up with an inferior gift.  Meh, hopefully it’ll still be a good gift the following year, assuming I can remember by then.

The December to Remember concerts are coming up, and I feel I’ve almost completely missed the boat on that one, but if you’re looking to go to one (or more) and we can get tickets, let me know, I’m sure I’m game.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff but they must not be important and I’d just be wasting my time sitting here trying to remember them.  So here we go into some amusing internet videos. This guy really can play the violin, recognize the songs?  It’s an open mic nite too but man, I wonder how many hours he had to practice that to get it so well.  Lets see, what else have I found or been pointed my direction?  One of the greatest David Blaine tricks ever.  You should see it especially if you think he’s creepy or don’t like him, I’m sure you’ll at least get a smile out of it.  Unless you really detested that one you should maybe check out this one too.  Not quite as good as the first but still entertaining.  And if you thought it couldn’t get any gayer than that, this was supposed to be the Canadian ‘straight’ version of the Village People.  That, or it’s Polish or something, either way I wonder if they ever wake up now thinking ‘what were we thinking.’  It was made in ’79 though, that may have something to do with it.

So yeah, that was a long one but hopefully I should be more diligent about getting things here.

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