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This ones going to be a bit dry, but I needed to put something up before it got terribly delayed.

The tales of ME.  The 8th was my sisters birthdays but since we celebrated it the week before, we didn’t do much if any birthday stuff as a family.  Karen did come up though and held a jewelry show with one of her co-workers at the house on Sunday.  I felt sort of bad about it though, not many people showed up thus not much was sold.  I think they spent more to have it than they sold.

My friend Jen also graduated Ashmead’s massage therapy program that Saturday and a few of us from the climbing gym went to the ceremony.  It was nice and that evening we went out to Huber’s.  It was a neat place and I’d recommend the Spanish Coffee if you ever go.

The following Saturday was sort of neat.  There was an ABS regional climbing competition at the climbing gym and I volunteered  for it.  I got to be a judge and spent some hours watching people, mostly kids, work some routes making sure they didn’t cheat.  Little monkeys on walls.  The older people that could do the harder stuff were very impressive though.  Sunday was  very boring though, I think I spent all day speaking with an accent.  It would have been more entertaining if there were others around to hear me, but then I might not have gotten that bored.  I went into work that evening for no reason other than it was more interesting than staring at the lawn waiting for it to grow.  I think I got in around 9pm and stuck around till around 1:30am.  How’s that for a way to liven up your Sunday.

The following weekend of course was Christmas weekend and my aunt and uncle came out for the holiday.  They were all up in Goldendale so I drove up there Saturday morning and since my sisters had less forgiving work schedules we all cam back to Portland Sunday evening for the celebration.  It was good and I got some stuff out of it as well as making some others happy I’m sure.

This weekend I’m not sure what I’m doing but I’m sure if I don’t find something quick I’ll just sleep the rest of the weekend away.  I was supposed to go up Mt. Hood with some people I know from the climbing gym but I had to be in E Portland by 6:30, and I slept through my alarm so missed out.  Maybe I’m wrong in this but I’m a little annoyed that no one called me this morning to find out where I was.  I don’t know how long they waited for me or if they even waited but if they called me I could have told them.  Then again, maybe they expected me to call if I was running late and since I didn’t call they just figured I flaked and left.

New Years though it looks like I’m going to be going to my friends place in Lake Oswego for their New Years party/get together.  I wasn’t sure for a while what I would be doing because there’s been a death in the family but by the sound of it I’ll be flying out to the Midwest on Thursday, not earlier.

So normally this part I’d start getting into weirdness mode and start spouting some entertaining nonsense but I’ve recently been notified that my Weirdness license is being revoked for some trivial matters.  I mean seriously, is it that wrong to be serious occasionally?  Apparently the board thinks it’s very wrong.  So anyway, I’m not allowed to be weird anymore, but I’m not one to follow the law so we’ll see what happens.  If I’m thrown in jail you’ll all know it was because I was being weird and not because of that body they found in the woods.

On another note, work has been getting a touch annoying recently.  Every morning I go in and all the robots I keep at my desk keep complaining about how hungry they are and asking me to feed them.  I then have to remind them that they’re robots and don’t eat. They feel a whole bunch better after that but it’s still pretty annoying to have to go through that every morning.  One of these mornings I should just give them some food just to see what they do with it.  It’d be amusing to watch them try to eat without mouths.  They’d probably freak out when they noticed that fact until the whole reminding them that they’re robots thing.

I do feel a touch better now, writing this is sort of therapeutic.  Back to memorizing the Major General song.  Maybe I’ll put on my snow clothes and drive around with the top down on my car if it dries out a touch more.

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