How Unfortunate

Holy crap, I haven’t written anything since last year!?  Sorry, I’m sure that joke is plenty old by know, but I still find it amusing.

I do occasionally eat Chinese food and in typical American fashion receive a fortune cookie with my meal.  Unfortunately those fortunes don’t seem to be much in the way of fortunes.  Maybe I don’t understand fully what a fortune is, but the one that says, ‘Buy the Red Car’ seems to be more of a command than a fortune.  I mentioned this to someone and they suggested that maybe it was a metaphor for if I go for the shiny nice thing, good things will happen.  I doubt that’s what the kid getting payed two cents an hour was thinking when he came up with that pearl, but I guess a fortune is what you take from it.  I think that whoever writes these could use a dictionary along with their computerized spell checker, that or someone has a sense of humor.  The one I’m referring to states, ‘Your life will be preposterous.’  Then again, they may know something I don’t.  Anyway, here’s a smattering of ones I’ve gotten recently and you can assert their worth.  They almost sound like I’m going to be staring in a real life Indiana Jones scenario.

Adventure awaits youAll your hard work will soon pay offGold is in your futureYou will continue to take chances and be glad you didYour genuine talents will lead you to successYou are incredibly clever.  Others often come to you for advice.Your winsome smile will be your sure protectionYou shall soon achieve perfectionEnjoy the fine goods life has to offer & friends with whom to share it   
Elegant surroundings will soon be yoursYour dreams will come true when you least expect itShare your abundant humor with othersYour talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded

New Years was fun, I went to my friend Becky’s house for her and her house mates New Years party where I fell asleep before midnight.  Before the sleeping part I was having fun though so I’d call it a good evening.  Sure beats my alternative of sitting around my house by myself.

Moving on, I had mentioned in my previous post that there had been a death in the family.  Well my Grandma (my dad’s mother) had passed on and I flew out to Illinois with my sisters for the funeral.  It was nice to see the rest of the extended family despite the somber event that brought us together.  I’d talk about it more but I’m sure you all don’t really need to hear about it.  If you’re really curious, feel free to ask though.

I don’t know what the deal was but the flight back was absolutely ridiculous, horrible delays in every portion of both flights, except landing in Portland, that part was alright.  I feel a bit bad for our chauffeur, she had an accident after dropping us off at the airport and totaled her rig.  Bad mojo all around.

Not much has gone on between now and then and when I say not much, I mean absolutely nothing.  I slept a lot and donated blood while I wasn’t at work out of boredom.  I guess that’s not absolutely nothing, but I’d be hard pressed to say I did much else.

The next couple weekends are sort of floating for me at the moment but I’ve filled up at least one.  Which one?  The weekend of my birthday, silly.  I don’t know what all is going on but my parents and sisters will be here and we’ll all be going to see the Blue Man Group on Saturday.  The show that they’re doing is conceptually based off their previous show ‘The Complex’ which I enjoy so this one should be a hoot.

K, so where to go now?

I had thought that I had a fair amount of free time and took on some inane projects in my boredom, but after seeing this guy I don’t think I can justifiably complain about it for a while.  Or at least that’s till I saw that he’s a performer of somesort, either way that’s gotta take quite some time.  Note: you have to watch the clip at least a touch more than halfway to pick up on what’s going on.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.’  I don’t know what triggered this train of thought but, what type of person feels themselves qualified to make that statement?

Initially I was in the thought of there being 2 types of people, the person who has never loved and probably leads a fairly hollow existence.  Then there’s the one who’s lost and while they’re in excruciating pain over that fact, they’ve known love and so don’t qualify to speak for the one who’s never loved.

After thinking about that for a while, my conclusions have been modified.  The person who’s never loved has to shut themselves emotionally off from the world and keep themselves from making any sort of meaningful human connection.  In the extreme, this is probably some form of apathy, or maybe it is the definition of apathy.  Looking at the other, that person may be able to recall what it felt like to not really care about anything and so is probably the most qualified to make the statement, or at least debate it’s truthfulness.

The more I thought about it I came to realize a third situation which may be even worse than the other two.  What of the person who loves but is never loved in return?  Maybe the love they provide is enough to keep them going but I’d imagine they’re life would be made up of a fantasy world where something actually cares whether or not they’re there.  Then again if nothing loves them then maybe they don’t really care for themselves either, in which case they may be firmly grounded in the thought that they aren’t worthy of love and thus none is sent their way.  If they are able to delude themselves into believing that something cares for them while nothing does, maybe life doesn’t seem too bad to that person but it’s sort of a sad thing to observe. Then again, if observing that scenario makes you sad, then that shows you care at least a touch about them thus negating the scenario, so who know if it’s even real.

If you don’t know which of those 3 I am, I’ll let you guess.  Maybe I’m a fourth or fifth option that I didn’t mention, you shouldn’t limit yourself to what options you’re given, come to some of your own conclusions.  I can’t spoon feed you forever.  As long as we’re on the subject of love and all that mush, maybe I should hire this guy?  I’ve never tried that tactic but that all comes down to another saying people have.

I have more but I need to fight this insomnia so I can function at work but maybe I’ll get around to a second post this week, wouldn’t that be impressive?  Of course if I do it won’t be quite as long as this but hopefully more entertaining.

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