They go both ways you know.  I’m so scattered at the moment, don’t know if I’ve mentioned anything any of this before or not, so sorry if some of it is a repeat.  I’ve been stressed for time, but that’s my own fault and it’s only continuing.  I need to get this up before any more builds up though but it’ll be sort of short hand.

I must have a pretty high ior.  With all the internal reflecting I do, it makes sense.  I had a whole paragraph worth of clever things to say about this but I can’t seem to get it here and I can’t afford the time dawdling (then why am I even writing this out?)

I need to start keeping my thought book with me again, I’m losing many things to the nether, hopefully nothing important though.

I need to find a doctor for my wallet, it’s hemorrhaging profusely.  I tried to staunch the bleeding, but all that accomplished was acquiring more toys for me.  I should be complaining more, but I won’t.

A couple Saturdays ago was a fun filled day lacking any idle time.  Went biking in the morn.  It was forest park so nothing too serious.  Had lunch with the crew at Skyline Burger, it’s been for-ev-er since I’ve eaten there, but it was still good.  Went home, fixed the mower and mowed the lawn.  Washed down my bike, baked some deserts, took a shower, washed my car, then it was off to Becky’s b-day party at 8.  Fun evening.  Sunday was much slower.

This past Saturday I donated blood and was planning on volunteering as a belay for the climbing comp at the local gym followed by mt biking out at Browns camp.  Unfortunately I went out to Silver Falls, which was absolutely awesome.  I’m surprised I’ve never been before but I’m glad I’ve been, and will be going again.

This coming weekend is looking like I’ll be going out to Smith Rock with some friends, weather forgiving.  If it goes as planned we’ll be tackling Monkey Face, finally.

It’s weird how things come in groups, sometimes I wonder if we all exist in a low level group mind.  I know I’m not the only one who’s thought about that.  We should all be familiar that there is a fair amount of breakthroughs that happen in areas isolated from each other around the same time.  The clusters that have been catching me recently have been the several people commenting on my beard and how I shouldn’t shave it.  That happened close to 10 times over the span of just a couple days.  The others relate more to my personal life but those may just be brought on by my personality or simple observations of my life.

I’m sure we’ve all seen ladybugs before, but when was the last time you saw a gentlemanbug.  It must be because chivalry has died in the insect kingdom.  I mean when was the last time you saw a bug even remotely hold a door open for another?  My point exactly.

I finally remembered what my 53 insane note was about.  I was sitting at my computer in shorts and short-sleeved shirt typing away, and it was 53 degrees in the house at the time.  Does that make me insane or just self insulated :).

I know I’m glancing over stuff and forgetting much but this is what I have time for.  Fortunately most of this was already written up in notes to fill out for this, but I don’t have the time and I probably won’t till Monday or Wednesday.  I will get pictures up then, I PROMISE.

And special props for my friends who have decided to help me out and the awesome cause of the American Lung Association by donating a bit of money.  Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that none of the ones who have donated thus far read this, but mad props to them nonetheless.  If you’d still like to help out the ALA and help me reach my goal you can go to and donate.  It’s secure and they don’t spam you, I don’t think they even require your email unless you want a receipt.  I was wrong previously about the minimum donation, it’s $10 but I think they take whatever flavor plastic you prefer.

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