I ever mention that I do occasionally enjoy making up words?  I think it’s because most of them are so ridiculously amusing vocalizations, I can’t help but smile while I think of them.

Holy carp, I knew it hadn’t been a while since I posted some pics but hadn’t realized it was over a year.  These are sorely overdue and I promised pictures, here some are.

The fawn that was following me while I was mt biking.

I wish I could load my bike this well.

The stairs I flew down last year.

The reason I’m considering not participating in the bridge pedal this year (this was one of last years bottlenecks)

The side of Monkey Face, I will be conquering it this summer.

One of the Silver Falls, they were all so awesome.

The skunk thunk the stump stunk?

And for the morbidly curious of you, I put up one pic of my face from my accident last year, but you’ll have to click on this link to see it.

As for Reach the Beach, I REACHED IT!!!!  It would have probably been more of an accomplishment if I didn’t drive my bike there… wait a sec, I didn’t, I actually rode my bike there.  I’m proud to say I have completed my first century (100 miles) and will soon be ready for another.  I’d be ready today but I decided to let my legs take a vacation, they asked nicely.  ->Here<- is the data I logged but my recorder was having minor issues and the battery died about 15mi from the finish, so it’s not absolutely accurate, but close.  I took this one a bit slower than I would have liked to but it was a bit more tiring keeping a high pace into headwind than I expected.  Next time I will be quicker.  For those of you who are curious, I raised $105 for the ALA and that was a modest passive effort.  I think next year I’ll be a bit more proactive/aggressive and see if I can at least double that.

So I try not to be too much of a planner, but it looks like I’ve done it for the weekends for the next month.  This coming weekend I’m going to Goldendale to celebrate my mom’s bday and mothers day, the following weekend I think I’m going to go visit my friends in Eugene, I think I may have something I’m forgetting for the following weekend and the weekend following that I’ll be driving some friends to the airport for their trip to Greece.  After that I’m not sure what I’ll do.

This summer I am going to try to get together a backpacking trip in Bull of the Woods and maybe a camping trip out at the Newberry Crater, but we’ll see.  Camping out at Salmon river and maybe climbing Saddle Mt are also things I’ll see about doing.

It’s late now and doing these pics took a bit more than expected, so I’ll forget I even forgot stuff and bid you adieu.  Here’s a sentiment of how I think people think sometimes after talking with me.

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