Can’t prove it

Geez, what did I do this time? Can’t I do anything right?

Well last weekend I traveled to Goldendale to visit my parents. My sisters and their boyfriends joined us all up there and we celebrated my moms birthday as well as Mothers Day. It was a good weekend, got to play some, slept under the stars (and the clouds), and made myself a new cribbage board.

This past weekend I traveled to Eugene to visit my buds and we had fun. Played vid games and went to Corvallis to visit our other friends and played some boce. Also a good weekend.

This coming weekend? Maybe Seattle, but I may push that out a couple weeks for various planning reasons, but we’ll see. Weekend after this is Fathers Day. I’m not sure what I’m doing for my dad yet in that aspect but I’ll be sticking around Portland since I’m driving my Eugene friends to the airport that Saturday morning.

I couple things I forgot to mention in a previous post. When I finished Reach the Beach I got layed, not once but twice. It was awesome, I have pictures. I think I mean I was lei’d though. I guess that was only one thing that I’m aware of forgetting to mention so moving on to current thoughts. Everyone is familiar with the idea of double negatives, two negatives make a positive. You should also be aware that two positives do not make a negative, they just make a bigger positive. Well how about singulars? Two singulars make a multiple but two multiples do not make a singular. Equating it all, does that make being single a negative? Only one way to find out.

I keep trying to go to bed early (ie. 10pm) but it never seems to work out, I keep going to bed much closer to 1:30. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired and having a hard time getting up in the morn, that or falling asleep doing presses on the weigh bench.

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